Various Pieces of Rubbish

We just encountered Eraser Eater's birthday. He got a gameboy and a few games and so I suppose that I won't see him or the Oldest all day today.

By a slip of the tongue I called my husband "Dear Sir" when beckoning him to the dinner table and he said, "Please, don't ever call me that." When reading the Moonstone (the GobholeBookBanters book choice this month) I have read "dear sir" a great many times and I think it is a fine thing to call someone---if you are a sir, I guess. I have been known to turn into "victorian woman" in dire situations (mainly an argument) and so anything that sounds slightly like the 1800's doesn't work well for my dear sir.

I actually burned the midnight oil with none other than Dear Sir and watched the BSU/Oklahoma game (Fiesta Bowl). I *think* I am getting the hang of football and I *think* I am liking it about fifty percent. Even though Dear Sir was pulling for OK, we were both secretly wishing that BSU would win just because, I don't know, we hate their orange pants so much. We did scope the clips of the crowd to maybe see if we could find our family out there, but no one looked crazy enough with wild hats and painted faces that I could see. `Tis a pity.

Yesterday we took Eraser Eater to IHOP for his birthday. It was his choice. He wanted to order pancakes and bacon. The place was packed. I mean really packed. I am actually shocked that Dear Sir did not have a nervous breakdown (he is a changed man, I tell you) it was so crowded. There is always this little evil lady that laughs inside me when Dear Sir is placed in situations that he can't stand. Not because I want him to suffer, but because I don't know how he will handle it. He always handles things in the most perfect manner though. I just know the guy so well it is scary. He thoroughly shocked me yesterday though because he said, "Man, this place is so crowded it is like a cafeteria. My Dad would go nuts!" That is all he had to say to sweep me off my feet.

During our pleasantly loud time at IHOP it got even louder. The whole crew of the restaurant approached the table behind us and clapped their hands red to a loud, silly song wishing some poor person a happy birthday. Eraser Eater looked at us scared out of his wits. When they all disassembled and scattered about, Eraser Eater whispered to us, "I was ABOUT to say that I wanted to go to Borders for my shhhh---birthday----but I didn't want THEM to hear that." I think he was convinced that if it slipped out that it was indeed his birthday too, he would be prevailed upon with a clamorous birthday song. We laughed with him and then continued to masticate our fare.

Masticate. I dreamt about that word the night of New Years Eve. Last night I dreamt of collecting all of my children's jackets barefoot in the snow after walking from England on my way to the other side of the pond. An old church building full of cobwebs blocked my way from my destination and a spider with a rat's face loomed above me. I think that means that my feet were cold.


Badoozie said...

doesn't he know you call him Dear sir on this blog? i've always wondered why you call him that...it is odd. i wish we had an IHOP. i love that place

graybandit said...

it was NUTSY. we even got alisa to paint her face with us, but uncle todd was a stick in the mud about it...he did get very into the game later on, though, and we all almost cried a couple times due to severe disappointment, then ended up hugging and high-fiving every orange person in sight.

dear sir likes oklahoma? o_0 he's crazier than i thought :-P

Joel said...

It's not that I like Oklahoma, it's that I hate BSU.

R said...

Susie---he knows I call him Dear Sir and he doesn't like it, I don't think! Ha ha! It probably sounds ridiculous, but I used to just refer to him on this blog by our last name but he didn't like that more. I wanted to give him the character of being some overarching presence in my little world, so I chose Dear Sir (just to be ridiculous). I did for a bit, call him "Man of the House" but to me it sounded a little bit like an Amy Tan book or something. So there's the scoop.

Graybandit--That was such a crazy game, and I don't even like them. I was half enjoying myself. I bet you guys had so much fun!

Joel---what am I to do with you?

Emma Sometimes said...

Just don't do the Dearest Hubby (DH) acronym. It makes me want to poke out my eyeballs and eat 40 lbs of erasers. Plus, Mr. Coffee likes his name.

Name, name....name. He could be Mr. Green? Or Mr. Theo for his theology blog. Or Mr. Hot Process Soap...nah, too long. You should get everyone to pitch in some ideas. hehe.

Mrs. House Mouse said...

Happy belated birthday to your eater of erasers! IHOP sounds interesting... Never been in one.

Bennie is okay with being called The Mister... At least, I think he is... He has never said!

Leslee said...

I watched the end of the OU/BSU game. It rocked! I felt bad for my boys though, but it was someone else's turn.

The fact that you go all Victorian in arguments crack me up! Sometimes I think in that victorian language if I've watched a movie or read a book from that time period.

R said...

Emma---hate the acronym too.

I think Dear Sir is ok; but good suggestions! This blog is to please ME more than him! Ha ha!

Mrs. Mouse---Thank you.

Leslee--you are a good sport! I get too Victorian at times. I am the same way when I am exposed to more of it! :)