Getting Up at Night For a Star-Filled Chart

I am way too into my book (The Moonstone) to post anything. Sorry. Not that you are waiting with bated breath or anything. I have a site meter and it tells me stories if I bother to look at it! :)

I have been getting up at 2:30 each morning to get my daughter out of night diapers. It has been ok. It takes me a bit to fall asleep again, but it is sort of like having a baby and getting up to nurse it. It is not so bad. And the weird thing is that I wake up pretty much at 2:30 on the dot without any help, I just rise, look at the clock and lo, it is 2:30. I know God is on my side with this business. She does, however, wake up dry (at least for the past three mornings now) so it is worth it to me.

I remember back in the day when I had this same struggle as a little girl my mother made me a chart too. I think it was red, but I can't remember clearly. All I know is that when the thing was filled with stars, I was able to get Wonder Woman underoos. Once I got those things you could never get them off me. It all started with Linda Carter, but it kind of REALLY started with the Underoos. I think I have posted about this before, but it has always been a vivid memory for me of my playing on the monkey bars during recess and showing off my Underoos under my sweater. Plenty of "ohhs and ahhs" emitted from the lookers on. Now I stupidly wear Wonder Woman shirts because I can't stop myself and hey, it brings me back to that place. And I DON'T CARE IF I LOOK RIDICULOUS. Wearing that means more to me than the average reason of just liking it.

So when I made my daughter's chart I tried to convince her to get some Wonder Woman underoos if she filled it. Then I realized, what am I thinking? She doesn't care so much about Wonder Woman like I do! In fact, she likes Batgirl. She tries to convince the boys that Batman's "true" sidekick is Batgirl, not Robin. I am not a feminist by any stretch of the imagination, but I like this gender related Super hero stuff. I think Batgirl IS Batman's real sidekick. Go Batgirl!

I should post a toothbrush picture, but I will just have to wait. That would mean grabbing the camera and going UPSTAIRS. Batgirl can fly, Wonder Woman needs her invisible jet. Sorry, it's in the shop.


Lisa said...

They still make underoos... With Wonder Woman on them? Wow!

Emily said...

I started The Moonstone back before Christmas and then life happened.

R said...

Lisa---Actually, they don't have them for kids anymore that I know of. I think they did a few years ago at Toys R Us, but not anymore that I can see. They do, however, have WW underoos for adult women, which is kind of cool.

Emily--You should start it back up again. It was really good.

Leslee said...

I think WW underoos rock! My mom made my brother and me Super Man (Girl) capes when I was...about 3ish. I love it! I thought I could leap tall buildings in my cape! I wish I still had it.

I've read about a chapter of Moonstone. It's hard to read with a 6 year old only child who thinks the world revolves around her. She's slowly coming around that mom and dad don't always jump when she tells us to, but that doesn't mean she likes it!

Get back to your book!

R said...

Man, Leslee, it is good. You have to pick it up again. Anything by Wilkie is good though, so be patient! Put the chicker to bed at 7:30 and read away! That is the only way we do it around here, you know.

Underoos are awesome, I know. The cape sounds pretty cool too.