I hate buying jeans because everyone has longer legs than me and when I go shopping I am constantly reminded. I have short legs and a normal sized torso. My dear friend L. said that I must be German but I am not (that I know of). Supposedly I am British and Welsh. And I have never had a crumpet, so there. Here is a site that quizzes you on how to find the perfect pair of jeans for your body and particular style. Give it a try, you ladies who hate shopping for jeans. And umm, if you wear jeans that go to your belly button or over, please do this quiz especially and buy some new ones. For me. For the world. For your own husband.

Which reminds me---almost a year ago I was driving down a one lane highway with a kid in the car with me. He was talking to me, I was distracted, and there was some traffic. I saw a young lady on the side of the road putting up a real estate sign and I was drawn to her somehow. I couldn't place it for a second and then I realized that I was staring incredulously at her horrid jeans. They looked like they were straight from the late eighties. Acid washed, right at the belly button, and tapered. I really almost threw up in repulsion. And I almost crashed because I could not stop looking at her. To add insult to injury her shirt was mercilessly tucked in and I think she wore a belt. What was so weird was that her hair was up to date and she looked young and pretty! Now, I am not the fashion police or anything. I have a few doosies in my own wardrobe. I am constantly freaked out that I look terrible or something, so I try to buy clothes that don't go out of style.

I will admit that after I got dressed and ready for the evening after my long run today Dear Sir busted in the room and looked at what I was wearing. He said, "I thought you got rid of that thing years ago! Here I am, thinking that old, tight shirt is long gone and here you are wearing it!"

"But I have had it since the ninth grade!" I said with a smile.

He winced in horror and went on the computer. And I am still wearing the thing as I type. The photo above proves it. It is as old as the hills and it has known me longer than Dear Sir has. If some of you will rid yourselves of your ugly eighties jeans that you still wear (please throw away your tapered legged ones especially), I will rid myself of the ancient shirt that cost four bucks. Deal or no deal?


Lisa said...

Psst... The tapered leg is supposed to be coming back in style! *LOL*

Acid washed jeans? *EW*

R said...

I heard about that...BUT---I really don't think that it looks good on ANYONE. It looks terrible. It makes one look like an elf. You have to be really tall and really thin to pull it off if you are going to wear them at all. I for one, am not one of those, and I prefer not looking like an elf.


Lynn said...

I have a couple of shirts that Hubby keeps asking me to get rid of, I'm holding on to them for bartering purposes. ;)

Leslee said...

That's a really cool website, I might have to try on some jeans that they suggested for me.

R said...

Lynn---Good idea. Dear Sir is always fine if I buy myself stuff---in fact, I am the one that has trepidations. I think it drives him crazy. Thanks for reading.

Leslee--I think it is cool too. I have yet to write down their suggestions for me though so I can go out and get a new pair. That is where Dear Sir gets frustrated with me. I am always buying jeans and never satisfied. It's those short legs, I tell you.

~Jennifer said...

I am so impressed that you can actually wear something that you owned in the 9th grade! I might be able to wear one of my old pair of jeans from back then,... on my big toe!

Cool website!

R said...

Jennifer---blah. It is a top, anyway. I wouldn't wear the same jeans as from the ninth grade if I wanted to---they were ridiculously holed up and grunged out. I am from the Pearl Jam era.

Before I lost all my baby weight I would hold on to all my clothes. Then one day I decided that I would never be able to fit them again, so I got rid of all of them. Not too long later I lost all the weight and more (continual exercise like running will make you drop some sizes if not weight itself) and so I regret getting rid of some of the stuff. What a pity. Oh well.

Now I can never find pants that fit me!

Badoozie said...

i am just now adjusting to the boot cut jean, and now i have to convert to peg leg pete jeans? i don't think so. i'm not wearing jeans if it comes to that. i'll become a skirt person. i hate fashion.

i forgot what else i was going to say

Badoozie said...

i remember. everytime i go to one of those quizzes, i waste my time, and at the end, they want my email addy to give me the results, and if i would have known that i wouldn't have done it, because i don't give out my addy to those places, is this one of those?

R said...

No, Susie, it only asks for physical information like what your body type is, what size butt you have, etc. so they will know what kind of jeans would work best on you. It does not ask for an email address. It would be cool for your hottie bloggers site.

Funky-Redhead said...

very cool site!

I lived in Canada for 3 years. I always wondered if the same jenas were in style there as were here.
They all had a triangle design in the back. Base of the triangle at the waist, and point, well, pointing down toward the "bum."