Gee whiz. For some reason I have been out of it today. I had all these plans to get this errand run and that errand run, but I took one step inside my boys' room and almost had a meltdown. Well, I thought about weeping, yet again, but decided against it. I was actually too tired. I lost a few hours sleep last night for who knows what reason (maybe getting up at two each night to take the girl to the bathroom?) and now my brain hurts.

I sat in that boy madness and organized everything that I could. I threw a lot of stuff away. I tell ya, the Oldest has the purge thing down. Eraser Eater doesn't. It drives me nuts. I had to toss some papers that he could not remember drawing on while he looked "over there". I then took our old computer and table and planted it in their room. The Oldest was dying to get on the pc so he could play Empire Earth.

"Mom, can we wait to put the computer in my room until Dad gets home? I want to play the computer right now."

"Why?" I say.

"Because you won't know how to unplug it and plug it back in and I want to play before tonight!"

How shameful. My kid knows me that well? I decided to be tricky though, and succeeded. I was almost afraid for a split minute or two that I annihilated the pc (which I don't think Dear Sir would have minded---it's the Apple that matters to him) by trying to unplug the monitor from the tower, but then I just kept it all plugged in and had a train effect going to get it all up the stairs at the same time. The Oldest held the speakers and the mouse and keyboard, and I juggled the monitor and the tower alternately (I would move the monitor, set it down, move the tower, set it down, etc.) all the way up the stairs until I got to the boys' room without unplugging a thing (except the power strip)! I am a genius.

The sad thing is that I bet there was an easier way to do it, but I am a dim-wit. I never do things easy.

So then when I was finished I felt all weary and sick and so I had a fainting fit on the couch and watched Oprah and Judge Judy, alternately.

Dear Sir is going to have a treat when he gets home---a wife who has not changed from her pj's! Don't you love it?

Gotta serve dinner...

Oh, the kids are watching Arthur, and you know the theme song says, "believe in yourself." (which is one of my particular pet peeves) My daughter scoffed at the song when it was playing, and said, "Believe in yourself?! Believe in Jesus!"

She does have a point. I had a good spell of loving myself today too by allowing myself to watch Oprah.


Badoozie said...

HA, i tried that trick with moving our pc...and ended up putting a scratch in the plasma monitor which makes me very unhappy, i shoulda just unplugged the durn thing

~Jennifer said...

I had a bad day too. Maybe it's something in the air. I'm trying so hard not to run and eat when I'm stressed, which I couldn't do today because I was at the dentist's and in traffic a good portion of the day, and then when I got home there was nothing worth binging on anyway, but just dealing with it is making me cranky. :-P Oh and possibly a little PMS action going on too.

Lisa said...

Doing things in a way that makes sense to you makes one a dim wit? Uh-oh... I might be in trouble! *TeeHee*

R said...

Susie---Didn't scratch or hurt anything, thankfully.

~Jennifer--I understand the issues there. Man. I felt like I was an emotional wreck yesterday. I had a lot of plans and nothing outside the house got done!

Lisa.---I have issues with doing things the hard way---in other words, sometimes it shows a lack of common sense on my part. I have literally had people come up to me as I am doing the "hard way" thing and they show me an easier way. Happens a lot. Tis my plight. Ha ha.

Lynn said...

I keep thinking I really should go purge a lot of things in my younger boys' room, just haven't gotten up the courage yet!

Lynn said...

I tried to go listen to those songs on your music site, but I had to install some thingy on my computer to actually hear anything. Finally got it installed, but now I've got to restart before I can use it, and it takes forever to restart, & I've got to get to work, so I'll try to hear it again tomorrow.

Oh, great. The "visual verification" thing is showing a red x. I wonder if I'll even be able to get this to post! lol