Bad Breathicon

For those of you who think that Apple isn't so cool, I can take pictures of my own self sitting at the computer without a camera phone. It's pretty cool. Not that I want to all the time...I am a little bored but have lots to do. Gee whiz.

School got promplty flushed down the toilet today when the Oldest complained of a sore throat and sneezing up celery-looking mucus. I could have done without that. I have barely eaten today on account of it. Puke I can handle. Celery-looking snot? Nope. Not me. So, I had the nifty idea of taking a flashlight and looking down his sad little throat. There was a big white spot in the way back that alarmed me because it was pure white and gross looking, and then there was a cluster of little red spots on the roof of his mouth. I looked on the net at what strep looked like, and decided that I should call my nurse neighbor. The Oldest then told me simply that he "swallowed" that thing lodged in his throat (the white spot) and I felt a little queasy myself, if you ask me. I can't think about it. Why am I writing it? Ack. Anyway, I ended up taking him to the doctor and he does not have strep, but the doctor seems to think that it was probably food. Even grosser. I was glad though because I did not want to battle a sickness like strep with EVERYONE.

The Oldest is still sick. The doctor told me that food can get lodged in throats and it can stick up there for days causing bad breath. The Oldest always has bad breath. Bad Breathicon. That is what we call him sometimes, Dear Sir and I.

Which reminds me. I remember my sister would chew her cheeks and swallow the skin she bit off and it would all get stuck in her throat and the roof of her mouth. She would sit in the bathroom with tweezers, open her mouth wide, and manually pluck the skins all out. She would frequently gag and make strange noises during the process.

Writing just whatever is on the brain, don't mind me.

So, school is totally blown, I still don't know what is for dinner tonight, and clothes need to be ironed but I desperately hate ironing. I guess I will get my butt up there and do it once I stick my head in the freezer and pull out some meat.

Make sure you have a good remaining day, depending on when you scope out this page.


Leslee said...

I can't believe I actually read that...

I'm glad the Oldest doesn't have strep throat. I get that from time to time and hate it! And that part about your sister...gross!

Badoozie said...

i agree with leslee, that is all very gross

now, on the ironing, why don't you watch a good movie while you do it?

Emily said...

I have decided you are insane.

Or just a whole lot more honest than the rest of us.

shealyisnottheantichrist said...

Cute photo, but the rest is the ickiest blog entry that I have ever read!

R said...

I feel very bad, indeed. I am the creator of grossness, I am insane, but the good part is I guess I am honest, eh?

I have shocked everyone.

You guys should look in the archives, really. That would shock you more. Ha ha.

Anne said...

Okay - it's late here at my house and I about rolled on the floor with out-loud laughter over "Bad Breathicon"!! That is just too funny!

The rest was really gross though. :)

Lisa said...


wessexcathedral said...

Anne--yeah, I thought "bad breathicon" was pretty funny too. That's all Dear Sir.

Lisa---I know.