This is the view from the office to outside. I think it looks pretty cool. It has been raining all day today and of course, has been unusually warm. I love the rain, hate the warm. Oh well.

The stray/neighborhood cats keep pooping in our gravel driveway. It is so nasty. I stepped in it the other night when it was dark and of course it got all over the porch and there I was, hours later, cleaning the stuff up. We all try to avoid the poop when we get out of the cars, but you know, I should just go out there in a minute and scoop it up. You know, that sort of makes me mad because hey, I don't have any cats. Its like we have to keep a poop scope on our heads when taking a step outside. It gets ridiculous.

Dear Sir read my post from yesterday and had a little talk with Eraser Eater. Everyone heard it of course, and so I guess that got some curiosity up. Not too much later my Oldest (who is ten) comes up to me eating his ice cream with eyes blod-shot.
"Been crying?" I asked.
"Yeah, it was stupid. Don't worry about it. I got over it."
"What's up?"
"Mom, please, I am fine now."
Dear Sir heard this.
"What's the matter? Crying for what?"
"Well, Dad, it is just that my eraser on my new Mickey Mouse pencil almost broke off," the Oldest whimpered.
"What? Did you try to eat it?"
"Yes," he said in a little tweak.



So the Oldest and I were playing Skip-Bo on my bed and Dear Sir came in. "Did you write your sentences yet?"

"No, I forgot," the Oldest winced.

"You will be writing 'I will not eat erasers' twenty five times when you are done with that game."

Dear Sir left the room.

"So did the eraser taste good or something?" I asked.

"No, it was terrible."

"What did it taste like?"

"Rubbery grit. I don't want to talk about it."

"So did you try to see what it tasted like because [Eraser Eater] likes them so much?"


"Yeah, right," I laughed. He started laughing too and then I pelted his butt at Skip-Bo.


Redneck Nerdboy! said...

It's a pretty view!

Try sprinkling cinnamon or chili pepper on the gravel (I know... might take a can or two of it). Cat's hate that stuff on their paws when they take baths. It has worked for me in the past when I want to keep the cats out of my potted plants!

Leslee said...

Really, who hasn't eaten at last one eraser in their life? Funny story though. I like the view from the office. Makes me want to take a nap!

Badoozie said...

so was he in trouble for eating the eraser, or for lying about it or what?

Mrs. House Mouse said...

Hmm... Looks like something from out of one of those gothic novels.

I used to eat the heads off of matches... Never ate an eraser.

You kids are definitely originals! *Smile*

R said...

Redneck---Thank you, I think it is a pretty view too! Very dismal; just the way I like it! It does feel like living in a vacation spot because of the lakes and wilderness. Thank you for the advice about cinnamon and chili powder. I actually had an inkling that you would have some after I wrote it! I am so grateful! I will try it because I am plumb SICK of the secretions.
Thank you!!!

Leslee---I don't think I have eaten an eraser. Although, I used to eat the dried pinto beans for counting in kindergarten. I loved them! Maybe that is where my boy gets it from. I used to pick gum off the street and eat it too. I was vile. The view makes me want to take a nap too (but read a book first!).

Susie--I can't remember if he lied, but he did get into trouble for eating the eraser *only* because Dear Sir had just given Eraser Eater the "you better stop eating erasers or else" talk. It is rather stupid to go off and do what your dad is telling your brother not to do. I would have put that eraser in my mouth (if I had dared to do it) with fear and trembling. :)

Mrs. Mouse---You mean the picture? I think you are right! Wuthering Heights or something, eh?

The HEADS OFF MATCHES? Did you throw up?

Yeah, they are originals, that's for sure. Maybe because they have a freak for a mom!

Mama Heffalump said...

Nope... Never threw up. They were sort of gritty-salty tasting. *Grin*