I found a picture of myself with a Wonder Woman shirt on! Amazing.

Ok, so today I had a talk with someone I know about various things and somehow I got on the subject of the fact that my mother had a tubal ligation but later gave birth to me and my little brother and then had no more children. The person I was talking to immediately said, "I guess the tubal didn't take."

WHY, OH WHY, do people REFUSE to believe in miracles? Huh? My mother had a tubal, lost a child when he was two years old, and then PRAYED specifically for two more children in her grief. You know, I have told this story recently to a few people and they have all responded in that way lately. The fact of the matter is, if a very fertile woman gets a tubal and then has two more children afterwards and then has NO MORE children after that, is that not a miracle? Does that not prove that God is certainly the one who opens and closes wombs?

If miracles don't exist---if the Divine does not intervene, forget it. A world without miracles is like a world without hope. I know that people are like this everywhere and I am sort of acting like I have lived in a dark shed my whole life, but come on. I can hardly bear it. For some reason I really got irritated with that. Even the most atheist relatives of mine believed in a miracle and called the pregnancies that---and still do. Can the human heart be so enclosed in blackness that absolutely no light can shine through? Nothing? Yes, I believe this and yet I am incredulous when I see it. Would it not be a miracle to see hearts like this turned from their blackness into gleaming brightness? I believe in miracles and I believe that can happen. It is a lot harder in that case than for a woman with a tubal to conceive.

You know, you can't see your brain, but you know it's in there.


Emma Sometimes said...

oh, no you can only bring God in the equation when you are BLAMING him for all the bad things in the world.

Isn't that how it goes?


God shapes us in the womb. Every life is His will. Period.

Lisa said...

I believe in God's miracles! I live with one every day! I was never supposed to be able to conceive. God sent me a hubby that was okay with that. Three months after we got married, we found out that we were expecting! It was a difficult pregnancy, and Emily has had many challenges. The specialists told us that "if" she lived, she would "live" like a vegetable... Never existing without a respirator. Shows you what God can do! *SMILE*

graybandit said...

I am scared to google tubal whatever, so I shall accept it as a miracle and move on.

R said...

In a word: sterilization.