Erase the Sign On My Forehead

This is Eraser-Eater for the record.

Yesterday I took the oldest to the eye doctor. It gets a little alarming when you see that the doctor is your own age or round abouts. I could have gone to medical school and graduated by now, is what that tells me.

Anyway, we found that the boy needs glasses (imagine a ten year old kid with glasses screaming at bugs in the summer---that is my future). Dear Sir said that it is imperative that the kid gets a better haircut et al so that he doesn't look so much the part---of you know, what can I say? A highly intelligent individual that lacks social skills and enjoys science? Thankfully he doesn't snort, have an annoying laugh, or drool a bit. I do all of those things and I am not considered a ___________.

To add to my dire situation here, the girl just informed me that Eraser Eater just indeed ate a whole eraser off the top of his new Mickey Mouse pencil. "Did you eat that eraser?!" I barked.
"No, uh, I erased with it."
"You can't erase with that! It is not humanly possible to erase with that eraser!" (the pencil is shaped like Mickey's head so the eraser is placed in a useless position.) "So you ATE it?!!"


Lovely. Glad he can live up to his name. The punk.

Oh, back to my point about the eye doctor. So the doctor directs my oldest and I to this lady who was to "help" us find some frames. She had a desk in the way back of the room and what do you know, all the frames from my PLAN were behind it. She just placed herself between the desk and the rotating thing of frames and talked ONLY TO MY SON. It was like she refused to acknowledge that I existed. I told her what I was looking for in a frame for the Oldest and she just sort of brushed me off and said, "I have the perfect pair for you," and gave the glasses to my boy. I tried to interact a bit with the whole thing seeing as how I was paying for it and I didn't want my son to look more like the G word, but this lady would not listen to me. I guess I could have planted my behind over where she was at but since she was there already there wasn't much room. She ignored me and continued to do so.

I didn't even bother to seethe. What can I do if some lady refuses to acknowledge my existence? And why is this junk always happening to me? I get so tired of it. When I did interject about something she said something to the effect of, "Don't you have another little one around here somewhere?" as if to tell me to get lost. I am losing it here because something in my recent past happened nearly the same and I can't remember who or what it was. Oh yes, I remember. The neighbor's sister. She came into the house to see my daughter's newly painted room. I was talking to her and she would only respond to my daughter and would only answer the questions I asked or responses I made to my daughter! Like for instance I would say, "Thank you for allowing me to borrow the room decor book. I got some good ideas and the room turned out well."
She would say: "I am so glad, E--- , that your Mommy was able to make such a pretty room for you!" as if she were responding to me but refusing to acknowledge my existence. It kept happening too.

I wonder if I have some sign on my head much like Cain did on his forehead that says: "Please treat me like crap and refuse to acknowledge me."

I don't get it.


Mrs. House Mouse said...
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Mrs. House Mouse said...

Okay... Let me try that again! *LOL*

I suggested you be a bit more heffalumpy... Become large (not necessarily weight wise) and in charge. No one can ignore a big purple heffalump... Right?

Anne said...

I think you DO have a sign on your head that says "I am not able to understand anything you are saying. Please speak to the children - they will translate."

R said...

Mrs.--I am not forty yet, so I guess that is what magically happens then. I heard that it is blissful.

Anne--Yep, that is pretty much it.

graybandit said...

just put your foot down, honestly.

sometimes we're all too nice for our own good. it's one thing to be mean to a waiter at a restaurant or something, but when somebody is doing that to you? make thy presence felt.

happy new year. resolve anything yet?

R said...

You are right, Graybandit. I will do that in future. I have been getting better, but I have a feeling that it has to do with my youth or something. Like people must think I don't know how to raise children. Most of the instances have been happening with older women (no offense, older women, I actually prefer you over younger ones---they usually are very nit-witted) so I have a feeling it is all about youth. I have been thinking about it some.

I resolve that I will pretend that I am forty wherever I go! :) How bout you?