I feel like Ethel Mertz or something. You know Ethel. Lucy's best friend and neighbor? I am friends with my next door neighbor and she is a really nice woman. She has been working during the day lately and so she is gone when I am schooling the kids. She is the kind of neighbor who will call you up and say, "I am going into town, do you need anything?" She is totally thoughtful and sweet.

She is also friendly and sweet to the neighbors across the street. Apparently they are really struggling because the husband just went through surgery and he is on Social Security. They also have many other vices that have to do with substance abuse and whatnot, and therefore they are often out of moolah. So there the across-the-street-neighbor goes, to my neighbor's house, gets the key in the hidden place, and makes herself at home. ---While my neighbor is gone. She comes out with an armful of groceries and high-tails it to her house. No moolah for groceries because I just bought some weed, so I am going to go and pilfer from the nice neighbor who is single and is raising a little girl. Wonderful.

My neighbor has told me this much about the situation. She has told me that sometimes she will go and get ready to cook up the meat she just bought the other day and "waa-laa!" it is gone. Happens frequently, she says. She has actually confronted the across-the-street-neighbor, but to no avail. She gets a simple, "I thought you wouldn't mind!" or something like that. So, when she notices that her eggs and a few other things are snatched and she tells me about it, I will suggest she just give me a house key or hide it somewhere else. What is with these people? Makes me mad.


Lisa said...

The nerve of some people! Taking from someone who has probably already given to you blows me away! I would suggest having the locks changed, then letting a trusted friend or neighbor hold a spare key. *Grumble*

Lynn said...

That is horrible! She really ought to let you keep the key for her, or at least change the hiding place!