Dear Sir, who is also called Elysium, is sick of blogs. There is nothing new under the sun?

Angela gave me a heads up that Catherine Claire, a dear friend of mine, is challenging everyone.
Speaking of challenges, Emma has a good one over in her neck of the woods---something having to do with short hair on top and long hair on the bottom. Ack.

Rick thinks that no one will read his long post, but he should take a look at Susie because you know, she is the long post Queen.

Des is making art out of Virgin Marys and----continuing with art, Grant Lee is coming out with a new album and I will be sure to see him when he comes around in the spring.

Molly is officially on myspace, and I am not.

And Alicat's repairman opened a box of her Krispy Kremes and helped himself without asking.


Badoozie said...

that repairman would be missing his hands if those were my krispy kremes

Lisa said...

That repairman had a LOT of nerve. *Grr*

Oh, and I read the other links too. ;o)

R said...

Repairman had lots of nerve, I know. What a thief.

Thank you for reading the other links, Lisa! You are probably the only one! :)

Rick Capezza said...

Did you turn off your RSS feed? I just noticed I'm no longer getting your really long posts in bloglines. Or the short ones (whenever those are).

wessexcathedral said...

Rick---I wouldn't know how to do that if I wanted to! No, I have not done anything of the sort! Thanks for checking! I was just on your blog a second ago---in fact, I am still on it! Ha ha!

R said...

Rick, forgot to tell you since you have not been getting my posts---you should check out my music site (since I know you care a little) and listen to the sad little song I have up there ---it is the one on the way top.

Badoozie said...

i bought kripy's today!!!

Badoozie said...



Emma Sometimes said...

I got into Krispy Kreme's last time badoozer visited me and now I type with stubs.

Emma Sometimes said...

ps. thanks for the linky love

R said...

Susie--I am afraid to eat donuts. I wish I wasn't. Don't get on me about it, k?

Emma--LOL!! Susie is a bit frightening at times.

You are welcome. I love your blog.