I am frightening myself a little. Today it has been 76 degrees or something crazy like that and I am in such a chipper mood. It has been slightly breezy, and sunny, and just overall wonderful. I hate to even say it. What is wrong with me. Wonderful? The sun? I hate the sun! What is happening to me?

I feel like grilling and I have this insatiable desire to run for an hour in nature--but alas, Dear Sir has been gone all day at some meeting and I can't get myself outside with the kids. A wasp landed on the screen outside and the Oldest almost had a heart attack. There is no way I can get that kid to go out there. I walked on my street for a bit hoping the man of the house would come home and free me from my ties by holding down the fort while I get my running shoes on, but I guess it is not happening. It is steadily getting darker and I must slither back into my dank dungeon and let the feeling pass. Being spontaneous is sometimes fun. I'll just spontaneously grill our dinner to night. `Tis a pity.

I wonder if I have SADD. I wonder if I am just a hypochondriac. SADD isn't REAL. (Don't kill me you people that suffer from SAD) Well, at any rate, night is falling and I must bid farewell. Please congratulate me. I haven't done squat today!

Till tomorrow.


shealyisnottheantichrist said...

I am so jealous! 76 degrees. It was not that warm in Phoenix! I think that unexpected sun cheers everyone up.

Badoozie said...

you could have ran around the house 20 times

Emma Sometimes said...

I can safely disagree that almost year round sun makes me hate the sunshine. Bring on the clouds and rain.

on another note: I KNOW what you are talking about, getting out and just itching for a run, itching, itching, itching.....

Mama Heffalump said...

Is it over yet? *Wink*

R said...

Shealy---I agree with you.

Susie--I could have, but it is just not the same as running where you actually want to.

Emma--I really hate the sunshine too---if it is year round (like in ID) I can't stand it. I have been enjoying it lately for some reason though and I don't know what is wrong with me. I love the clouds and rain, I feel less violated.
Itching is right!

Mama--Well, it is a little cold, but it says this Saturday that it is supposed to be 73 again.