So it was seventy last Saturday and now today it is freezing and there is snow everywhere. The kids are elated. And freezing their butts off out there, running around with frozen extremities. I was feeling a little motivated this morning after my coffee and one mile on the treadmill and I took a long run outside. This is of course, before it started to snow. I had no idea that it would be so stinking cold out. I battled it anyway. I kept thinking that snot was running down my nose, but it was actually the fact that the insides of my nose were numb. I kept wiping anyway though. When I got home I was a frozen wreck. One would think that I would have had enough hot blood coarsing through me to make me warm but alas, I was frozen everywhere. My stomach was frozen, if you could believe it. My hands were red with some sort of icy non-movement---and my arms were ridiculously tingly and wrong feeling. I immediately got a mug and drank some hot water from the tap and it was so difficult to grip the cup.

I cleaned the house like a mad woman yesterday because it had been some days since I had done it and therefore I had a lack of things to do today. I just slept for two and a half hours and had weird dreams about birthdays and other types of madness. When I woke up I stupidly ate an icecream cone and then regretted it once the last bite was swallowed. It was good but it felt wrong because #1 I just ran a ton and it was really difficult because of the hills and the cold. #2 I was hungry for real food. Let's just admit this now and say that I ran for nothing. Nada. All that numb nose feeling for NOTHING. I blew it. I think the scale needs to take another trip to the shed.

Whenever Led Zeppelin pops up on my ipod (I like to run to 'Rock n Roll' especially) I have a new-found appreciation for Condi Rice. I saw some show on her a few months ago and she works out to Led Zeppelin too. Who knew. Even I have an issue sometimes with listening to "Whole Lotta Love." Makes me wince, actually. Wonder how she copes with that song. She's not even married.


Badoozie said...

thou posteth on the lords day, and runneth on the lords day? me too.

throw the scale away. why are you killing yourself over weight. I used to do that, I was a maniac over walking. I was obsessed with it. This one time, I walked all the way across the united states, and carried a box of chocolates under my arm..hmmmm....that sounds vaguely familiar...was that me?

R said...

Yeah, I am sort of freakish and need to knock it off. The guilt comes from watching what I eat for four years straight to get the baby weight off. Ridiculous. It is sort of like living during the Depression and then when it is over still cutting the mold off cheese to eat the good part.

I posted on the Lord's Day and ran on the Lord's Day. Not sure if running is considered rest, but it is rest to me.

Emma Sometimes said...

I'm going to be cleaning my house, too. Sometime. Someday.

Led Zeppelin 'The Ocean' is the best running song ever.

So is 38 Special's 'Hold on Loosely'. I'd also recommend a Christian group called The Brave (self-titled). I love to run to music too, well, when I ran long ago, before my dentures fell out all the time.

R said...

I have to agree with you on the Ocean. It is just a tad less than Rock n Roll in my estimation. It is something about the fast beat of it...

I will have to check out the Brave.

Cleaning---ack. I have had enough!

Lisa said...

I avoid scales like the plague.

How about running to the Cars? Really motivating! *LOL*

shealyisnottheantichrist said...

I have turned into such a weather weenie. I bounce inside on my mini tramp and listen to my MP3 player while carrying pink one pound weights. RT is incredulous that I would carry weenie one pounders. I cannot believe that someone with your awesome physique even cares about anything the scales say. I am starting a new cleaning schedule. Each day of the week (sans Sunday) I clean one room. It doesn't cover the whole house, but it beats what I was doing previously: no rooms.

R said...

Shealy---you always make me feel better. And I want to be just like you! :)

One pound weights help, why not? How are legs, by the way? Are you still having issues running? Let me know.

Lisa---I wish I could avoid scales like the plague. I should. I hate them. I should throw a scale in front of a car to obliterate it! ha ha!