Odds and Ends

I got a call right when I was making the french toast this morning for breakfast from the credit card company about some late payment (which I sent out and it is totally the company's fault). I got really nasty for no reason (probably because I pride myself on being timely with finances and I felt insulted) and but I got it all ironed out an hour later. The kids had to dish out their own breakfast while I sat on the phone with the bank and a number of customer service representatives. No wonder the credit card company kept calling me and leaving a message saying, "Rachel....Rachel?...." and then hanging up. Why do they do that? Like they know me and I am listening to the message as it is being recorded biting my nails? Insane.

Someone from France just called me right now and asked for Richard. I have never had more wrong phone calls in my life since we moved here. First we were getting calls for Brett (which we still get them a lot). Then about a couple of weeks ago for a number of days we had calls for a "ford bronco for sale". Everyone was calling about that bronco, I tell ya. What, did someone print OUR number in the paper on accident? How the heck did that happen? What are the odds it would be US? We get no phone calls at all (it is rare) and the only ones we get are from wrong numbers. On our machine some receptionist will leave a message for Brett and how he didn't show up for his dental appointment. Well he's not getting the calls, that is for sure! Last night a telemarketer called here, left a message by just BREATHING in the phone, then hung up. Nice.

So, my whole school morning was blown, so I called it off. How am I going to do school when half the time has been taken already? The kids were playing nice anyway so they are all outside in their coats (it is actually freezing outside right now, which is a shocker) having a good time.

It has been a good morning despite all that junk, so I am grateful. It was pretty cool because about a half hour ago my Oldest called me to the back yard and showed me a woodpecker on the top of one of the trees. There Woody was, pecking away. It is really neat to me because my son can recognize many birds---we have a homeschooling goldmine right in our back yard. He loves Cardinals and whenever he sees one he goes crazy. So, since he loves Cardinals he thinks that the baseball team and the football team are awesome. He is a big fan (even though they stink). He claims that "someone" has to be a fan.

Well, the coffee ran out of my Wonder Woman mug and that means I should get dressed or something. Have a good day!

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Badoozie said...

what is going on..where is everyone! i'm first!!!!!!

sorry bout those dumb credit card whiners. they are impossible to deal with and sometimes you have to call back until you get someone who speaks our native tongue.

reminds me of a time not too long ago when i dialed 411, cell phone information for a number. i had to finally ask for the manager, because i was so ticked. i got 3 people in a row who could not understand plain english. sorry not to be prejudice cause i'm not, but people who can't understand english or speak it should not be working for 411.