That's It

Last night I had the pleasure of recording a few songs of mine at my friend Ken's house (the wonderful guitarist for the Einsteins) and I think in a couple of months we will have them up on the site. We had fun putting the stuff together and I am sure Ken thought I was being incredibly silly about the background vocal tracks. I had a hard time singing to my own voice. I usually don't sing with myself (really, who ever does?) and the times that I have recorded I have had the best background vocalist I know right by my side. Someone told the both of us one time that our voices have the same tamber. Ken's beautiful daughter also asked me if I would sing at her wedding in June (which I thought she would never ask!) and paid me a huge compliment by asking! So, I look forward to that very much. I love weddings. It also helps that by June I will have two weddings under my belt to balance out the two funerals I have sang at. I have a real determination to get that accomplished.

Today was a difficult day at school and I almost resorted to the bottle, but alas, I stood fast and resisted the temptation. I should probably stop teaching school in my pajamas and slippers. Teaching and breathing coffee breath on their sweet little faces doesn't help much I suppose either. There are way too many things to fix, I must say. Too many. Sin corrupts my heart so much that nearly everything I feel inclined to do is wicked, wicked, wicked. Isn't that the truth. I almost tossed my cookies when my daughter could not figure out the number that comes before 30. I kept thinking, "Have I slacked off this much to where I have not taught her how to count?" Finally she got to the point where she would whisper the answer because she said, "Mom, I just don't want you to get mad at me." The beast was tamed by a sentence, and I gave her a sniff and we giggled a bit. So I have to teach her to count again. So what. Soon enough she had it again and had just forgotten. The joys of teaching children.

So, I survived my Oldest today even though I almost wept and threw in the towel. I had to give him the "education is important" speech for the billionth time and then even added a few measures of extra spiciness in the process, so maybe it penetrated. Who knows. I just feel snappy tonight. Don't walk by, got it?


Todd said...

Allow me to recommend a book that should help you view your children and your homeschooling in a different light:

Einstein by Denis Brian

It is amazing to me how poor a student he was and how he frustrated most of his teachers. Most subjects utterly bored him. It also ties in to your earlier post on specializing more as opposed to teaching a broad range of subjects. (Not that I necessarily think that's a good thing.) Anyway, it's a good read. Perhaps you have a little Einstein in your house!

BTW, your blog with your music samples sounds great. Someday I will be able to say I knew you before you were famous!

R said...

Todd, I think that is a great idea for me to read that book. Thanks for the recommend. I will put that sucker on hold at the library.

Thank you for the compliments on my music. I keep thinking that I am almost thirty and it is probably over for me because that is ancient in the music world (not that I would seek secular fame at all). But there are some that have made it despite age and who knows. It would just be cool to get paid to sing! :)