I went to the grocery store today and got a different bag boy who asked me if I was ready for the New Year. He was sort of philosophical with his comments by saying that he has a theory that there is a difference between "resolution" and "resolve". One would be something you say for the heck of it, and the other would mean actually carrying it out and doing it. I told him that I don't make resolutions. I have never understood why people do. Not because they never stick with the resolutions, but because who cares that in a new year you do this or do that. It is just time to me. I can make a resolution tomorrow to do something different and I will.

Like when I went shopping with my mother to buy clothes a good handful of years back. I had just had my girl a year prior and I was putting it on a bit. My mother was too, except her excuse was menopause or something. I hate shopping. Really, I do. I just don't ever want anything. So I observed how my mother shopped for clothes. She REFUSED to go up a size even if she was bulging out of the size she "thought" she should be. It really bugged me. I mean, it had such an impact on me that I thought, "I can't be like that. I am going to have to buy size tens here because I am getting a little hefty myself and if I don't want to wear them I will just lose the weight starting TODAY." And that is what I did. I started exercising the very next day on a regular basis and have not stopped since. It took me four long years but I got down a good many sizes. Which reminds me---

I was watching TV the other night with Dear Sir and someone asked Paris Hilton what her New Years resolution would be. She said that she will exercise more (because she is so slack) and she will eat less fast food because she eats so much of it. Yeah, we can tell, eh?

I just never realized that people took New Years day so seriously. What is your stinking resolution? I don't have one.


graybandit said...

i resolve to get a girlfriend.

same resolution last....oh three years or so.

no danger of it happening yet either.


i figure just resolve something stupid. who cares.

Badoozie said...

i really don't like resolutions either, i hardly every complete things unless its an accident.

i'm a hefty size 10, and since i had to buy a new wardrobe, i intend to stay this size

R said...

Graybandit---Girlfriends are overrated.

Susie--I am glad to hear that resolutions are not a big deal to you. Another thing we have in common!

Size ten is not hefty at all---it is just a tad big for me since I am a small person (I am only 5'5).

I am always game to buy a new wardrobe although I hate shopping for it! Ha ha.

Mrs. House Mouse said...

To be less sanguine! Ha!
the only place I come near a size 10 is in shoes. In those I wear a 9. :o)

R said...

It is good to be sanguine. We melancholies love the ones that can perk us up and poke fun at us!

Badoozie said...

ok, open your mouth a little more so you can get the foot all the way in....I'm 5'4". LOL

R said...

Susie---In your pictures you look A LOT taller than me, so I am a total dufus. You look plenty good to me so I wouldn't change you.

But yes, I am always putting my rotten foot in my mouth. Sorry. Remember I came from a line of ladies that either threw up, didn't eat, or popped correctols to keep their weight down. (I do neither for the record).

Badoozie said...

thats ok, because i just laughed about this, really hard. and the reason i look tall in pics is because i usually have on tall shoes, which i love