Absolutely nothing much is going on, which is a good thing. I have survived not gaining a pound while being unable to run because of my tingly weird leg that I promised Dear Sir I would not run on for two weeks (it is killing me not to run) while eating junk and cereal for meals because I have been too lazy to cook. Tonight I will attempt to roast a chicken once my stupid blonde brownies finish baking (I put them in too small of a pan and now they are taking an eternity to bake).

I am actually not in a bad mood; contrary to what I am typing. I am just a little annoyed that I can not find squat about my leg on the internet so I can help it along the recovery process. The inside of my calf tingles and has cramping and some pain when I sit still and then when I run on it or use it excessively (I did that the other night getting fancy while dueling light sabers with my daughter). It is a nerve problem, I am pretty sure, but there really is not much to be done with it except just not using my leg for a spell, which is rotten and hard to deal with for me. I live on running and then I live on it more, feel the need of it more keenly when I am not doing it. The blight of a woman addicted.

Christmas went well and was as low key as possible (which is always good). We sat around and watched Star Wars and ate popcorn. I baked a little yesterday and the day before with the girl on her new Easy Bake oven, and Dear Sir and the boys played Risk. Of course he pummeled them and taught them many lessons in world domination.

Dear Sir got me a new biography of Thomas Hardy (my favorite author who wrote Tess of The D'Ubervilles for those who have no real clue) and I have been reading snippets here and there while finishing up a few books that I have had bookmarks in. I won't elaborate at length my thorough enjoyment of Hardy because I know it will bore you to tears, but I have plenty of reading ahead of me pertaining to that particular subject and I know I will never grow weary of it!

I also got a really cool Shakespeare book from my sister in law and I think it will be a great read because it basically sets all the plays in narrative format. Thank you, Mindi.

I hope you all had a great Christmas!


susiebadoozie said...

i bought my son that stinkin game RISK....i hate it already and i have not even played it

as for that leg...make sure it's not thrombosis

Anonymous said...

Pay attention to your body, pain in joints and muscles are attempting to tell you to back off. (Good advice from Joel.) Running beats a body to death. Swimming is a great exercise, easy on the joints but very boring. Biking is a great way to exercise but initially can be expensive. Brisk walking is good. Here is a good book:


Health and Happiness to you in the New Year!


R said...

Susie---Dear Sir just pelted me at that stupid game. I laughed as I went down.

Todd--Running may beat a body to death, but I love it. I was really taking it easy the past few months with the running (running only up to 16 miles a week or so) instead of the regular 20 plus. I can't swim because I am ridiculously allergic to chlorine. I can barely shower with my well water because of the chlorine in it. Thanks for the recommendations.

The funny thing is that my "pain" is not in my muscles or my joints. It is weird---it is tingly nervy pain INSIDE my calf area. It makes no sense. I have a feeling I pinched my nerve in my leg and I have to wait for it to heal. I usually have knee issues because of a minor car accident years ago, so it is funny I have calf issues. My knees are totally fine. I just need to pop the Advil and sit on it for a spell, I guess.

It sure is frustrating waiting!

I hope you have a wonderful New Year as well!

Emily said...

Rach, I had something similar in my leg this fall and it healed with time. Also had something weird in my elbow recently that is better once I gave my arm a rest.

I recommend a brisk walk, too, if that doesn't aggravate things.

R said...


Even walking aggravates it (brisk walking). Hopefully after my two weeks is up (maybe next Wednesday?) I will start by briskly walking and move up from there if it is ok.

Argh. I am glad to hear that I am not the only one! I am beginning to feel that I am a freak of nature!

I hope you are fully recovered!

Mama Heffalump said...

Hmm... I have PN (Perephral Neuropathy). This sounds like a nerve pang to me. Wouldn't hurt to have it seen about...

Glad to hear you had a nice holiday! *Smile*

Emily said...

on the nerve thing... that's what my dr. said my leg problem was and I think it was more like 4-6 weeks before it was better

Anonymous said...


Perhaps the sage advice of my Dad is in order here - "Whenever I feel like exercising I lay down until the feeling goes away!"


wessexcathedral said...

Mama--I am going to give it a bit before the doc. I have had too many things in the past that have been alarming or at least so to me and then they do nothing about it or nothing is up. I always have weird things.

Emily--If it has to be 4-6 weeks, then it will have to be. I am going to play it by ear. I won't push it. Dear Sir will not have it!

Todd--Your Dad (Bob) strangely reminds me of Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)! "A game of golf is a long walk wasted!" He detested exercise in any form.