I Actually Watched TV Last Night

Last night I stayed up because I was #1 Not tired and #2 I wanted to finally see Sarah McLachlan perform something. I missed the Oprah show, I missed the parades and stuff, so I thought I could stay up and watch Conan O'Brien. Dear Sir asked me this morning if it was worth it. Well, not really, but it took me forever to fall asleep anyway, so it is not like I missed sleep I could have had.

She looked sort of weird. She sang just fine, I thought though, contrary to what others have said of her past performances for this Christmas album. My friend L. said that when she saw her something was "off" and her daughter even noticed it. Someone else---Funky Red or someone told me that she saw her perform for the Macy parade and she was nervous and it showed. I was a little curious last night, to be honest. I wanted to see what was up. She looked a little like she gained some pounds---but you know, the camera adds some weight and plus, it was focusing at a bad angle, so I am sure no one would look too pretty in her situation. I don't know.

I watched a bunch of other garbage. I watched Manheim Steamroller perform some of their silly trash. I swear, I thought what I was watching was back in the late 80's. The camera work was not 80's looking, but every person in that "band" or "group" or whatever you call it looked like a person permanently glued to that era. Not the more retro hip way the kids do it now days, more like early 90's hair that is full of hair spray, old fogey guys playing violins with long curly hair. More Yanni and Michael Bolton type looks. Cheesy Baby Boomer Embarrassing kind of look. And they were into it. I mean, INTO it. They were swaying with the music and closing their eyes like they were blasting out Jimmy Page guitar riffs and waltzing around waving their arms between bell chimings and stuff like they were the world's greatest musical group. I had a huge laugh over it. I don't know how anyone could take them seriously. The music itself was not even updated sounding. I am sure there are keyboards and stuff that play things better than what Flock of Seagulls had to offer way back when MTV just got started? The electronics sounded like a ten cent keyboard. So, I was CONVINCED that the performance was old. It was on PBS. You know, it could be old. I clicked the info button. It was from LAST YEAR! I have one thing to say to Manheim Steamroller: "QUIT."

And that was for Emma, who hates them, and for me, who had a really good belly laugh watching it.


Anonymous said...

The only good Sarah McLachlan song I've heard is the 'Silence' one she did with Delerium, but then again, I am partial to trance stuff, and I haven't heard anything else she did.

And I may be the only person you know who does, but I kinda like Mannheim Steamroller, honestly. Not everything, and yeah it sounds old, but some of their music is pretty cool. *shrug* Take that with a grain of salt I suppose, as I also am known for having weird musical taste...techno, goth, electronica, dance, rock, hip-hop, all sorts of weird stuff people hate :-P

R said...

I love the Silence song. I don't even own it. She has TONS of music out there that is remixed. In fact, you should grab her album called "Remixed" or something like that. I got it from the library to see if it was any good and I hated it because it was all dance/trance type music.

No, I know lots of people who like Manheim Steamroller; I just read a friend's blog who hates them and I never thought of stating that I hate them before, so it made me laugh. Then, when I saw them it made me practically fall on the floor laughing. It was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Know what I did the last time I saw Manheim Steamroller?

"I raaaan... I ran so far awaaay..."

I enjoyed this post! *LMBO*

Badoozie said...

i own every manheim steamroller christmas album ever made

MLight said...

I enjoyed seeing her on the Macy's day parade - she seemed more real and less glitzy than most of the other performers.

R said...

Mama Heffalump---you kill me.

Susie---You also like Nickelback, but I still think you are one of the coolest people.

MLight---Good to hear that. I was worried.

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

"I watched Manheim Steamroller perform some of their silly trash."

I have been feeling the same way for years! What is it about Manheim Steamroller that everyone likes anyway?? My parents can't get enough!

Oh well.