Yesterday I turned the year that I would be in my twenties for the last time. My father in law said, "I suppose this is the year you will remain forever, huh?"

I told him no, I don't mind getting older.

Then Dear Sir and I talked about death over dinner last night and then I got a sick feeling in my stomach. He said something about these years being our prime, etc, etc. I don't fear death at all---I just hate the oblivion people get lost in because no one cares for them anymore because they are not young and budding. That is sad to me.

One of my favorite gifts was an itunes gift card (among other things from Dear Sir) with James Blunt on it. I hate James Blunt and Dear Sir knew this. I almost screamed when I saw it because I can't stand his face (it reminds me of his annoying voice---talk about mean on my part, huh?) and then Dear Sir had the nerve to quote one of his songs on my card for me just to make things a little funny. I laughed really hard and gave him a shove. He said, "Hey, it's our song!" (We don't have a song and he can't stand James Blunt too). And then we both laughed.

I can't think of any music I want to buy on itunes. Is that not crazy? I thought finally that I would get the Nickel Creek album I wanted but then there is room for some more. Yikes. Can't think. Brain freeze. I really am getting old.


graybandit said...

now, depending upon who you ask, i have a rather ... odd taste in music.

with that in mind, i'd HIGHLY recommend at least checking out VNV Nation (they actually have their stuff on iTunes, which makes me happy!). i'd recommend checking out the Futureperfect album, specifically the 'Beloved' song.

they are an electronic/dance band by genre, but you can go all over with that kind of classification. the lead singer is from dublin, so happy times...it's like bono! :-P don't go blowing your whole gift card on them, but if i can get you to at least like them a little...

(if you like 'Beloved', check out 'Arena' on the Matter & Form album, or 'Futher' on Burning Empires. Really, those three are some of the few songs worth coughing up $3 for)

and grats on being 10 years older than me. heh heh.

Anonymous said...

hey old lady:

since i know you like acoustic guitar playing, check out the album "robot monster" by Don Ross (it's on iTunes). and happy (belated) birthday.

Badoozie said...

i recommend Men At Work, and The Village People, some of the all time great, ya know? LOL

so you have trouble making choices huh,,,funny

Mama Heffalump said...

Ah... You and Dear Sir are still wet behind the ears yet! Wait until you are in your 40's! Now there's some prime time!*LOL*

R said...

Now, Graybandit, I did look at Beloved and did not really like it. Sorry. Wish I did!

Anonymous (I think I know who you are)---I did check out robot monster and it is the same thing as the last. I did not really like it. But thank you!

Susiebadoozie---I hate the Village People, but Men at Work are cool---some certain people that lurk around my site think that the "acoustic" version my band does (of Land Down Under) sounds too

Yes, I have trouble making choices. More like decisions. I am terrible at it. I need guides.

Mama---I didn't think we were too wet behind the ears, but I suppose we could be still. I could say a lot here but I won't! Ha ha!!!

Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I need some good Celine Dion and Bryan Adams. Good Canadian music, eh?

graybandit said...

no need to apologize, told ya i am weird.

it does beg the question of what you DO like.

Try Pandora out, you might find what you like by association.

Funky-Redhead said...

I've been trying to get over the fact you are only 27 for almost a week. You are a very mature 27. I didn't have BMan until I was 27.

Funky-Redhead said...

sorry for the mistype ! 29 for you!