Christmas Malarkey

Its been ridiculously warm here. I think it did this last year too. The kids are somewhat depressed, wishing for snow, and frankly, I am not sure it will come being this warm in DECEMBER. Dear Sir says that it feels like spring.

James Blunt is still staring me in the face (here, I will turn the card over---hold on a sec--done), and I forgot to mention what else Dear Sir got me for my birthday: a guitar stand (I really needed one!), a shirt that has the British flag on it, the Complete stories of Flannery O'Connor, and a pair of sunglasses that cover more than half of my face. I wish the smaller ones were in style right now. Sheesh. I told him to get me NOTHING because I don't really want anything (I know, aren't I weird? It has taken me this long to figure out how to use the stinking James Blunt gift card). And I still have not done it.

The boys made me Christmas lists this year, which was fun and on BOTH of their lists they wrote that they wanted their sister to have a "purple light saber", which I thought was very sweet. So I found one and wrapped it up and said it was from the Oldest and Eraser Eater. She will be delighted to be able to duel them. I find that she often conforms to their kind of play because there is not another girl her age often around. She goes between being Kim Possible to batgirl to some jedi girl warrior. She will put on her black sweater and dart around with a lady bug utility belt on. It is kind of hilarious. It brings me back to my Wonder Woman days. You couldn't get those underroos off me.

I got Eraser Eater a metal detector (I hate metal, but he will have fun finding some Civil War shells in the backyard perhaps), The Oldest a rubix cube, and the girl this stupid Little Mermaid chariot thing with all the trimmings. I got them more things (obviously), but I am trying to focus on not buying them so much junk. I kept the presents at about ten each (I usually do only seven each) but since family is not around we have to compensate a bit. Plus, they have stockings full of stuff. I remember watching a show once about how poor families try to make up for being poor by blowing up balloons all around the tree for Christmas so when the kids wake up they think it is a big deal and are happy with the little they get. I am not "poor" but I am not with that sort of concept. I understand that I said that I gave them ten presents instead of seven to "compensate" but that is only because the things my kids asked for were so ridiculously simple, like notebooks, pens and erasers, that I wanted to get them things other than just those things! I remember when I was a kid and there were some rough years for Christmas and we had a big family. I was a little more aware I think than some in my family because for some reason I was just built that way. More sensitive, I guess. Believe me, it had its pros and cons. Yeah, we sometimes would not get the usual 20 presents or so for Christmas and would get only ten or seven. I remember one year we had moved and my parents spent a lot of their money on new furniture and things like that (which they needed) and I just figured in my mind that we almost had our Christmas with all that new stuff already. When Christmas that year rolled around and we got less than other years, I did not think what a bummer. I felt bad that my parents had to put up with complaints about it because you know, we were lucky we got anything.

My point is, I don't want my kids to be like that---thinking they deserve more. You get what you get. Thankfulness needs to be encompassing all of it, no matter what it is.


Badoozie said...

well thanks to Game Crazy, my son gets NOTHING, because despite their "guarantee" of a nintendo wii by christmas, they lied. so now i'm out of luck and that was all he was getting or is getting because of the cost. i'm a little bummed.

Leslee said...

I never thought of the ballon idea, that doesn't actually sound so bad except I hate ballons. Growing up we got presents twice a year. One my birthday I'd get a little bit of money from my grandma and one aunt and a couple of presents from my parents. I usually didn't get anything else except maybe a new Easter basket with some candy until Christmas. At Christmas we'd always end up with 10 or so presents under the tree. I remember one year my dad drug in two large (or at least to me they were large) trash bags full of presents for my brother and me! Sometimes I wish I could convince all the grandmas and daddy that Peanut shouldn't get stuff so often so that she'll appreciate gifts when she does get them. They don't listen very well. Every time I go to my parents house they think they need to buy her a new outfit and a toy, it drives me crazy! I don't really mind her being spoiled by grandparents because that's their job, but sometimes I think they go overboard and I end up looking like the meany who won't buy her everything her little heart desires.

Maybe someday she'll understand that money does not in fact grow on trees and sometimes people just don't have any.

R said...


That is hard. Sorry to hear that. Dear Sir and I have thought about just getting the boys a game cube and a few games next year for Christmas and that is all they get. But I am not ok with them playing games all the time; it is a hard decision for me. At least Dyl has the idea that he will get it soon! I am sorry!

Leslee--I got presents on my birthday and at Christmas. Sadly, my birthday is a couple weeks before Christmas so I pretty much got all my gifts in December. And that's it. Thankfully my parents never made me feel like my birthday was a burden during the holidays---they did that well. Only since I have gotten married have I realized that it must have been annoying for them. But they never mentioned it.

I think it is terrible now and would rather I did not have a birthday at all! Ick!

Grandparents think that they should spoil, but you know what? It isn't their job to do that. It is no one's job to spoil children. It is grandparent's jobs to support what the parents wishes are for their child. I hear this all the time and it really bugs me. It is the mentality of "I know you don't want Johnny to have this, but I am doing it anyway because it is my job as the Grandparent to spoil him!" No, it is not. Their job is to not make you look like a meany either. That is total usurp right there. I could go on forever over that as you can see!

Leslee said...

You are right. Peanut's grandmas have never done anything that I specifically asked them not to do, but I don't tell them they can't do anything either.

I think 2007 is going to bring some changes around my house. Should be intersting!

Funky-Redhead said...

My parents also only did gifts for Christmas and Bday, so that is what I do. And I have to say, I was surprised and pleased at what they asked for this year. The kids pooled their ideas, and came up with more vacation days for dad, and more family time. We were thrilled! So, we decided that Santa is bringing a vacation for Christmas, instead of loads of junk that they really don't need. And think that if it is possible, this will become a tradition.

nerdine said...

sorry to disapoint ya - I'm not the Norwegian who's been haunting your blog. This is my first visit!

I have no idea how many presents I used to get, I never counted them. What I do remember, though, we usually had a game opening our presents. My sister or I would pick a present from under the tree and give it to whoever, and we'd all have to watch that person to open it. I guess that way it felt like we had a lot more presents, and we all knew what the others had recieved, and how much they appreciated the gifts. Today - my nephew gets presents all the time, and it's no fun shopping for him. He's 11 and he has a hard time figuring out what to wish for. I feel sorry for him...

R said...

Lovely! Blogger annihilated my post.

Nerdine---I was being presumptuous then! So you are the second! I need a slap on the hand.

You are right. The kids these days need to get less and they will be happier. Tis sad.

Leslee---Change is good. I am sure things will be fine, but you know, it is just not ok to be looked at like a bully in your own home or by your own child! Ridiculous! Stand your ground!

Funky---Thant sounds like a good plan! Have a great time!

Mama Heffalump said...

Hmm... Food for thought... *Crunchy*