Vegan Hobbit

I have had no appetite for much---food is included. Just thought I would put that out there. I think I have been sick. I was telling the worship leader at my church last night at practice that I think I have had a virus. I think I still have one, I mean. When I start each day the thought of eating food is one of the highlights of my morning. I adore food. Lots of times I don't care if it is good food or not. I adore cold cereal and energy bars and stupid junk that really isn't real food. Right after breakfast I think again about food---what I will have for lunch, snack, you name it. Then I think about what I will make for dinner (and trust me, I have been really slack in this area of late---let's say the past couple of years now) but I still get excited over a side of peas and some brown rice.

I think I am a hobbit. First breakfast, second breakfast. I am even starting to like beer a little bit. So, with that in mind, I have no appetite, I think something is wrong with me, and I should take my temperature.

My Oldest said one day when we were going to have a roast that I would probably not enjoy that dinner very much. I asked him why. He said, "Well, because you are a vegetarian!"

I almost fell over. What in the heck would make him think I am a vegetarian?

I tried to tell him that I am not one and he would not believe me. I think it is because I refuse to eat my own fried chicken. I make it too much, Dear Sir adores it, and I am just plumb sick of it. Everyone else has a heyday while I feast on the veggies and other side I make. Not long from the time of the roast comment I made fried chicken. My Oldest noticed that I did not partake of the bird-flesh and he said, "See, I told you that you were a vegetarian!"

Dear Sir almost spit out his food. "Wha?!!!"
"He thinks I am a vegetarian, honey."
"She is NOT a vegetarian!" Dear Sir rebuked. "You have to never eat meat for that, got it?"

To this day my Oldest still thinks I am a vegetarian. He just believes it.

This is not the first person who has accused me of being a vegan. I remember back when I was a coolian right out of high school I went to a restaurant with a boyfriend and my good friend was the waitress. She leaned over as I was ordering and told me what she thought was good there. I told her that what she suggested sounded vile and I wanted some meat concoction. She almost toppled over the table and she grabbed her heart. "Why, Rachel! I thought you were all 'new agey'! I didn't know you ate meat! Don't you listen to Enya?"

I never knew that listening to Enya equalled eating only vegetables. I can't even eat them raw, how can I be a vegetarian? I have to eat SOMETHING, don't I? Good grief...


Anne said...

I just love a good steak - medium rare with a salad topped with blue cheese dressing. YUM!!

I've got to go head to the kitchen now and settle for soynut butter sandwiches.

Badoozie said...

uh oh...vegan and vegitarian are two different things..i think?

i act like a vegitarian....although i eat meat sometimes, i hate chicken. cooking it just makes me hate it, touching it, the sliminess of it...that white fat stuff..ICK

R said...

Nah, vegan is essentially the same thing as vegetarian. Vegan is just a term for a more strict vegetarian---wearing only cotton clothing and probably not eating any animal products at all---eggs, etc.

I don't care about how slimy a chicken is. Oh well. I just hate eating left over chicken. I think it has a funk taste.

I love steak too. Just when it is too rare it makes me break out! LOL!

Soynut sandwiches? Yack.

Mama Heffalump said...

Potato chips... The perfect food.