Bulk Buying and Screaming Spouses

So last week Dear Sir didn't even have to pull out the almost -empty carton of milk to send me off to the store. I had it planned in my mind already (believe it or not) and I even planned to go to Costco so I could buy tons of it. I had just been at church with the kids (Dear Sir was home with the Oldest who was sick) and I came home, plan on the brain. Drop the kids off, leave them with Dear Sir, and then high tail it to Costco.

When I got to church the only place where there was room for me to sit was in the back with the people who have the unruly children. They talk incessantly, make noise, and always knock the pile of toys down and make a disturbing crash while the pastor is reading off the liturgy. It is highly annoying. The thing that made me feel more terrible is that my kids (Daughter and Eraser Eater) were perfectly still and behaved while their kids were just out of control and then trying to get my kids out of control too! Mine would not partake, but I felt bad---like the parents would think I am snooty. Well, I felt kind of snooty. The parents were even loud. I was actually "shushing" their kids so they would not influence mine. Before Communion the Dad would say, "Come on, Buddy, let's go get a SNACK!" Yeah, let's just call the body and blood of Christ a stinking SNACK. That is really reverent.

Anyway, after church the mother wanted to make chit chat with me. She said we hadn't been properly introduced, and so I answered some of her questions and tried to keep an open mind. The sanctuary was pretty much cleared out by this time and I could see her husband and at least two of the kids hanging off of him in the foyer. He was maybe three yards away. He sort of called her name out or something and she turned around and told him that she wanted to go downstairs to buy something at the youth bake sale before they left. The man's eyes fired up like I have never seen eyes fire up before and and he BARKED at her:"We are either RIGHT HERE OR OUT THE DOOR!" meaning, I take it, "no." The look on his face and the anger in his whole constitution was alarming. I would not have been shocked if he came up and whapped her one over the head. The horrible thing is that he did this right in front of me. I looked right at him as he said it all and he could care less.

She turned to me and rolled her eyes and said, "Gotta go."

So I went home and then went on my way to Costco. I reached the four-way stop near the end of my cross street and a car was first, I was second, and then a big truck directly to my right was third. I waited for the first car to cross me, then I started to move forward since it was my turn. I was moving and turning the dial on my radio at the same time. I quickly looked up, almost about to crash into the truck (the person who was supposed to WAIT to go next). I stopped shortly and the truck stayed put, blocking me on purpose from going forward. The woman driving the truck was screaming at the top of her lungs, "IT WAS MY TURN!!!!!!!!!!!!" I heard it through her window and through my windshield. She stayed there a good few seconds to notify me of this. She was looking into my eyes and she was PISSED.

I just honked my horn at her in one big honk because I was not about to scream back at her like a nimrod. It was my turn anyway. It is not my fault that she didn't know how to count.

I am surprised at how ridiculous people are. They get mad over anything. Yesterday I went to the post office to mail a little package and the guy that pulled into the parking lot next to me bolted out of his car like he was racing me to get ahead of me in the line. Give me a BREAK!

At Costco I ran into the lady at church with the screaming husband. She was quick to call my name and say hello. I couldn't remember her name but I was sort of rude I think because I was just getting paper products and hoping she would go away. I could tell she was in a hurry anyway----but I felt bad. Lots of times I don't know what to say to someone, I am so tired of being fake, that I just smile and say, "hey" and hope they depart because I really could not move forward with that person anyway.

Dear Sir is almost positive the the screaming husband works in his building (an hour away from where we live!). He is quick to ignore Dear Sir and pretend he does not notice him. Weird, I know.


EmmaSometimes said...

Tis the Season to be ruder..fah rah rah rah rahhhhh rah rah rah rahhhh.

I despise rude drivers. I even let a lady into the carpool lane to pick up kids and she was polite to wave. The guy behind me however, honked. At me. Being polite. Geez. I almost asked him if he got his horn for Christmas.

Mama Heffalump said...

I am speechless... *LOL*

Badoozie said...

i love the word nimrod. there is a town in oregon by this name.

as for kids having a "snack" that just cracked me up for some reason, what a reject. he is clueless as to communion.

as to the rude drivers? i am not one of them. very rarely. i stop at crosswalks, i let people merge in front of me, and the times i get mad? are when people make a HUGE deal out of my mistakes AS IF they don't MAKE ANY. like i'm pulling in somewhere, and i barely see a car coming, so i stop suddenly BUT with plenty of room, not even close to an accident yet the other person finds it necessary to stop their car, and glare at me for an hour as if i just ruined their entire year? i'm thinking "what is your problem? there was no problem? so quit glaring at me and get out of here before i get out of this car and MAKE a problem!!"

now.lets move on. phoney church people. they just need to stay home.

Anonymous said...

Peace on earth, and goodwill to all.

Funky-Redhead said...

I agree with Emma~
This week, while shipping some Christmas gifts, I let this woman go ahead of me at the post office, to be kind...
She looked at me like I must need to be medicated!