I was reading Lyssa's blog and I feel like a fool. Apparently "carmine", which is ground up female beetles, colors up many of our foods and candies on the market. I have eaten beetles before. Many times. This disturbs me. In this article, which is a year or more old, it explains some of it.

I checked my yogurt and it is ok, thankfully. I have a package of Nerds though, that has the beetles in it.

I announced it to the kids.

My Oldest screamed.

"Why did you tell us!"

"What, do you want to eat beetles?!"

"No, but if I didn't know, I guess I wouldn't care! Now I will never eat candy again!"

That was exactly my motive. Yes.

They are not going to touch those Nerds now.

I feel like we have all been on a Fear Factor undercover. Willy Wonka will pay for this.


Randi said...

My daughter likes to research what goes into the foods we eat (she eats vegan) so I know about this type of stuff. I do my best to feed my family well but sometimes i have to tell her to quit giving me info simply because it gets overwhelming!

Lyssa said...

I am laughing HYSTERICALLY in the music office where I am working right now, probably disturbing the faculty upstairs. What a way to get your kids to forego sweets! Although, I admit, it kind of grosses me out too... so I'll stick to "bugless" candy from now on : )

Dapoppins said...

I knew that about the beetles. So? Your point is? LOL

Mama Bear said...

SCREECH! I had NO idea! BARF...

~Jennifer said...

I told my kids about bugs and dye quite some time ago. They continue to eat candy undaunted. Savages.

J.M.W. said...

Randi--Wow, that would be overwhelming. There's a lot of bad stuff out there. I say ignorance is bliss!

Lyssa--Eraser Eater has already said that he "doesn't care" anymore about the beetles. He will eat Nerds anyway. The Oldest, however, detests bugs in any fashion and I think it will work with him. Gotta lose that gut.

Dapoppins---I don't know anything about much. So there. I have to announce most things I learn to reveal how idiotic I am. I have my head in the sand pretty much! LOL!

Mama---Yeah, sick.

Jennifer---Wow. They are so brave. Like my brother just taking bites out of tainted raw hamburger meat. Uncivilized and....savage. I like it. LOL.