It's OK

I was mad at the librarian that assumed I was an idiot. I did put them in one big clump and say they all need a toilet wash, but that is because I am on the throne and I am lethal.

Thou shalt not assume I am an idiot.

Sorry for any offense to librarians out there---I have just run into some strange ones. I would love to be any of your librarians because hey, you would be so supportive of me! So quick to defend the one in town, you are!

I am so stinking judgmental, so cruel, so bigoted, and so out of line. Forgive me.

I meant just that one librarian and maybe that other one---and maybe the other one I am thinking of, yeah, that's it.


Emma Sometimes said...

I don't think you were bigoted or judgmental. Just how dare you want a librarian to do their job they are getting paid to do. You need to add demanding to your list. Off with your bibliophilic head. ~snicker~

And I will clarify, I never implied they weren't odd or different (cause both of them were a little weird), just the ones I knew could also tell you the difference between fiction and westerns...and not from the back of a book :)

Did you find some good reads?

R said...

I have not really looked yet. I am going to at some point though. I found a book, however, after the librarian suggested I look for a western. It had no picture on the cover or a synopsis on the back and I gathered from the title it was a western. It was in the children's section and it is called something like "Rifles Out West" or something. Sounds good to me. It looks like it was written in the forties or the fifties! Those are always clean!

Thanks for clearing all that up. LOL. I am a dipweed, as you can tell, I didn't even remember King's comment. I feel like a total dunce. All I can do for myself is throw up my head and my hands and hope that the head comes back.

Carolanne said...

Anyone who assumes you are an idiot is one themselves. I can't stand being put down or when people say I'm ditzy, nonsensical or otherwise.

I don't read any Westerns so even if I was to offer you a book out of my home library, it wouldn't fit into your prerequesites. My dad reads Tom Clancy? hmmm The cover on his books look almost Western but when I did a search apparently he writes political thrillers. Just goes to show, can't judge a book by its cover or a reader by her questions to the librarian!

Read on!

R said...

Thank you, Carolanne.

Dapoppins said...

I still luv you. Myself, I don't believe in asking questions. EVER. I am scared they will store the answers in a goverment data base and then come back at my funeral to read the list of books that I checked out and should not have. I do not want the world to know I read a Stephen King novel.

Dapoppins said...

PS...our librarys but stickers on the spines of the book for genre to help us find them with out asking. So that we don't have to bother the highly educated library people. Except when one of your children pees on the carpet. I did have to tell them when that happened.

Anonymous said...

that dapoppins is downright paranoid...but one has to be when one's kids are urinating in the sacred domain of The Library!