Me and the Nut Cases

Jrh, Mr. So. Cal Tinker, and whom I like to call the phantom sandwich, just gave me an award for inspirational blogger. I am a complete moron and I can not figure out how to display the thing because I am not a morning person and can not think straight right now. Thank you, JRH.

I rather think I inspire people to write about gelatinous masses of nastiness or at least inspire some thought about it, but that is ok. Someone has to do it.

I must confess that in my sickness yesterday I did not run one wink. Instead, I sat around all day and read a really weird book and kept putting off the run. I blogged some too. I got tired around noon while I was reading, and my eyes were about to close for good when one of the crazies jumped on my bed next to me and declared, "It's 12:05! Time for lunch!" I don't know if the medicine made me nice, or if God granted me an especial grace, but I jolted up and obeyed on the spot. I went down and made various things for them to eat and then ate a frozen yogurt cone.

After that I read some more, avoided the run again, and then went downstairs and assisted the Girl in making some cookies and cake in her Easy Bake Oven. The boys got all interested and begged to have some of her goods, so we all shared it and had Chai Tea (I had English Breakfast black tea). The Oldest got inspired and asked if he could make a cake himself out of a mix, and I consented and he went to town. I just instructed a few things but he pretty much did it on his own. To say the least I was impressed. He was excited because I told him that if he could pull of a mix without help this time, I would teach him how to make a cake from scratch next time. He was full of glee and continually jolly the rest of the evening.

I then made some chicken noodle soup and Dear Sir came home and grilled himself a burger. Then I went insane and ironed some of the man's pants and a shirt and told Dear Sir that if I iron tomorrow hell will certainly freeze over. My pits stank for sure after that madness so I took a shower and read for a spell until bed.

I woke up this morning knowing that I have a band practice (for my band the Einsteins of Love) for a gig in September, and my voice is not going to allow it, I am afraid. I hope I don't go mute again. There is a settling of mucus on my vocal chords and I found that yesterday I was even frightening people over the phone. Not again. I took some Sudafed to dry me up, but I don't think it is going to help much. I still sing better than someone who can't sing, but that is not saying much. Control is everything to a singer.

So, after all the cake making and whatnot, the kids and I took some pictures on the Mac. Here goes:


KingJaymz said...

Awww, cute kids. So, can I give you my phone number so you can call me and I can hear you talk? (LOL)

Emma Sometimes said...

I have friends that sing opera and you know what they use? I actually like it, but hot jello. No joke. It works like a charm (you think it wouldn't with the sugar in it, but it REALLY works on the vocal cords.)

I hate to iron which is a good thing to be married to a concrete man. Of course, instead of iron, I mend...and mend, and mend.

Emma Sometimes said...

PS. Do you feel better today?

shealyisnottheantichrist said...

I love the photos. The boyfriend, Ned, on the new Nancy Drew movie looks just like I imagine your oldest will look when he is, well, older. You have to see it!

R said...

Jared--You can give me your number, but I doubt you want to hear my voice!! LOL!

Emma--I will have to try the hot jello. Sounds good.

I am feeling better today (still no appetite), just voice is gone and I am a little heady. Thanks for asking.

Shealy--Thank you. I took a look at some photos of Ned. I don't see it, but Ned is sure cute so that is encouraging! I will have to see the movie, yes.

~Jennifer said...

"I did not run one wink"

You put that in there just to make me smile, didn't you? I love your mixed up idioms. You must use them more often.

Hope you feel better soon.

Dapoppins said...

What is an idiom?

Why are your kids blue? how can I make my kids blue too?

Anonymous said...

Let's hope the family doesn't like you better when you are sick! I hate snotty nose, i just got over one of those....ewwwww, green/yellow mucous chunks, etc

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've tried the hot jello thing, and yes, it does work!

And you have never made me think about gelatinous masses of nastiness...until today.