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I got rated this because of the words "hurt" and "pain". Huh?

So you know that yesterday we went and saw The Wizard of Oz at the theater. The kids had a good time. The Girl sat next to me and kept asking me when we would see the witch next; she seemed a bit obsessed with her. Despite what I thought before I got there, I did have a good time with them and I imagine that at least the Girl will remember that event for the rest of her life. There is nothing like seeing that movie in a theater. I remember seeing E.T. at the drive-in theater. I was frightened for months. My older brother's friends would call the house, ask for me and say, "E.T. phone home!" just like the alien himself and I would scream and put the phone down. My brother would scramble around on the floor in continuous laughter, holding his gut. I don't know how Drew Barrymore did it.

The Girl had to get ready directly after the movie to go to the lake with the same couple that took them all on the raft. They have a seven year old granddaughter visiting and wanted to know if my girl could play. My girl got her bag together, grabbed all her items she needed and I asked her if she was prepared.
"So, what did you put in your bag?"

"Oh, just my swimming suit, the towel, a left over mint for Hannah, my Hello Kitty hair clippies, and some tissues."

I thought I heard her wrong. "Some what?"

"Some tissues, because my nose is having issues."

I thought I really heard her wrong this time. "Your nose is having what?!"

She stared at me completely annoyed. She stood still and spat out in still a respectful way, "some ISSUES, Mom."

"Oh," I said. "What kind of issues?"

"Even though I take the white pill it still gets stuffy at night and through the morning. It has issues."

"Oh, I see," I said, "my nose does that too."

I was successful in not laughing at her because that was just too much. This girl literally talks to me like an adult and at times it is just so apparent that I even get taken aback.

The other day I was outside with the neighbor girl's aunt who had taken my girl and the neighbor girl out for the day and she had just brought them back home. We were talking about discipline and whatnot and we noticed that the girls were running around a tree as fast as they could. My girl said under her breath, "I am just burning some calories!"

The neighbor girl's aunt said, "I bet she gets that from you and all your running!" and she laughed heartily.

Did I mention that Eraser Eater is now attempting to have a button collection? This is not driving me nuts because I have chosen to use it as an advantage for myself. Yesterday I needed the boys to keep themselves busy while I ran for a spell and I really wanted them to get some of that summer reading down so we could record it down on their program sheets. My wicked plan worked. I told Eraser Eater that I would let him choose from my myriad of buttons (only one) if he successfully read for that good hour or so with no issues. He was incredibly eager and happily did it. For some reason, using the word wicked reminds me of that line the witch says when she is melting, "How could you destroy my beautiful wickedness!?" or something like that. I had a good laugh about that.

Dear Sir thinks the button thing is odd, but does not say anything about it, to my happiness. We had a talk about it last night.
"So what do you think about Eraser Eater and those buttons?"
"Yeah, he's obsessed with them," Dear Sir laughed, "it is sort of weird, but whatever."
"I am just glad he is not collecting coins," I said with relief, "buttons are better than coins."

Buttons are better than coins. I have issues with coins.


Emma Sometimes said...

Is the Wizard of Oz better on the big screen? I saw ET at a drive through too.

I was laughing at your daughter, 'burning some calories'. My kids say, "LOOK MOM, I'm burning daylight!" I'm always waking them up,

"Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey, you're burning daylight!"

I used to collect buttons, too. Then I sold a few on eBay (silver). Think on the bright side, he could be collecting bugs....ewwwwww.

Emma Sometimes said...

PS. I forgot to tell you that I have a good bloggy friend that is a runner, you should stop by and say hello if you get an inkling. She is really great.

shealyisnottheantichrist said...

I have a blue mason jar of favorite buttons that I keep on my desk. Buttons are cool and sometimes useful. Hooray for eraser eater.
I hate the Wizard of Oz; I remember being scared of it even as a teenager.
I can't imagine being scared of ET. Next time I call, I'll try that on the phone!

~Jennifer said...

Buttons are a great collection, easily contained. Just be glad he doesn't collect rocks. For some reason every one of my kids has gone through a rock collecting phase.

~Jennifer said...

Oh hey, I say, "Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey," too! I got it from my husband who got it from his mum.

Anonymous said...

The Wizard of Oz is a classic, and only the very beginning and the very end are B&W. Seeing it on the big screen, would almost be as cool as watching it synced with Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of The Moon" album. The only thing that really bothered me about the movie was the flying monkeys. I don't like them.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the flying monkeys - scary fellows.

"Some tissues, because my nose is having issues" sort of sounds like Dr. Seuss. She is one very cool little girl.

By the way, I finally checked out the rating for my place and I guess I'm sort of a naughty guy. I got PG-13 for "sex" and "pain" and, somewhere along the line I guess I used "slutty." I'm a bad, bad boy.

Sometime you'll have to point me to where I can find out about your issues with "coinage." I haven't ever figured that one out. Something to do with cheese, right?

Funny stuff, as usual! Thanks!

R said...

Emma---you make me laugh. I will check out your friends blog.

Also, yes, WofO is good on the big screen. Very watchable.

Shealy---everyone collects buttons! I don't get it!

Jennifer---I have never heard of wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey so you and Emma are smarter than me. I don't know sayings or idioms. I say "that was better than sliced pie" and realize that it sounds wrong, but don't know how. LOL.

Anonymous---yeah, yeah, I know it is only B&W for the beginning and end. I just was too lazy (I was telling another commenter about it on another post) to go back and mess with what I said. Oh well. How else would the "yellow brick road" be yellow? How would the "ruby" slippers be ruby?

B&W would take away from it a bit, I guess, but it could be done perhaps. I hate Pink Floyd, but glad someone likes them!

I agree with you. The flying monkeys are ugly and gross. Yuck.

I am really a nice person, anonymous, I just feel like I have a brick in my stomach and it is therefore making me sort of rude when I don't intend to be rude. I think it is a yellow brick. Hurts more.

JRH--Yes, yes, she does sound like Suess, does she not? I thought of that as I was typing it out. Only you would notice that though because you are my story telling fellow.

I will smack your hand next time I am on your side of the country.

I will make the commission for myself to find you something about coinage perhaps tomorrow. I think you may find it under "Room 101" and I am way too lazy right now to link it!!! Ha ha!!! Eraser Eater is yelling at me right now so I have to go give him the GOODS. Don't mind me....

Carolanne said...

I'm glad you enjoyed WofO.

Button collecting is a great idea - do you know how much buttons cost these days??? And I keep all those spare ones from new clothes but of course, can never find the right one when one falls off - even if I did know how to sew it on. Then again, who has the time to sew on a button - much better just to go buy something new.

My blogsite was rated G. I'm so impressed, I think I'll have to start using adult speak in it. I only mentioned "HURT" once.

As usual, you've posted an enjoyable read but I want to know about your fixation with coins.

Dapoppins said...

boys collect things. It is a boy-law. Glad you survived OZ...my favorite part was the horse of a different color and the lolipop gang. Other than that, the witch freaked me out. I thought she wanted my dog too.

KingJaymz said...

That blog rating thing is crap (maybe I just bumped you up to PG-13; hurray me!). I used the word "sex" once on my blog (probably my link to the SLM blog) and I still got G. Poo!

~Jennifer said...

"That was better than sliced pie." Rachel, ROFL!!!! If you are really serious I will try to explain it to you, but I think maybe it's better to leave you untainted because you're precious just the way you are.

Anonymous said...

I have issues with people pushing my buttons