Wimpy Aggression

I am literally exhausted. I made a little pact with myself that I would work out for an hour a day and then have the weekends off (or work out on Saturday if I felt inclined). I have been running at least 4 miles a day, but more like 5. Yesterday I had to make tons of soap so while the soap was cooking I would run in twenty minute increments. I did that three times. I pretty much stunk the whole day.

Which reminds me, I asked my Girl if she was going to run like mom when she gets older for exercise.

"No," she said, "You get too stinky and sweaty."

I think she said something about swimming instead, which sounds good---just don't go in the bathroom. But don't pee in the pool either. Never mind.

I noticed last night getting back from band rehearsal (praise band rehearsal) that I talk to people I am mad at when I am driving. I was alone, of course, and here I am yelling at the windshield. It took me an extra long time to get home yesterday because some construction was going on at a pole and the guys were going from pole to pole, not allowing me to pass. And it was on purpose because the guy holding the stop sign noticed I was irritated and he held me there with a string of cars behind me two separate times. I was a little eager to get over and around, and he kept jumping in front of my car and waving me back with a wince on his face. Like he was a freaking cop or something.

I was very irritated by this man. Of course I go through a blast of words like "Crapola," "Come on!" "Jerk!" "Butthole!" and then I realize I am not talking to anyone and even if I had the ability to talk to him personally I would not say that stuff. It is sort of like the wimps way out.

I just sent off the receiver for Direct TV (I am so happy it is gone!) yesterday and I had to call FedEx to come pick up the box. Of course, there is always and automated voice. Do you guys ever take your aggression out on these robot voices? I always do, I find. I am irritated to talk to a machine, so I yell at it.
"Press 1 or say 'order for pick up,'"says the machine.
"Order for pickup," I say.
"I did not understand. Press 1 or say 'order for pickup.'"
"OR-DER FOR PICK-UP!!!!!!!!!!" I yell.
"Please hold while I take care of that for you..."

I hate talking to a machine. They have no feelings, I can scream at them.


Anonymous said...

I find myself using words in the car when someone is irritating me that I would never use in public. And I don't mean "crapola." I find that disturbing. "Out of the heart, the mouth speaks?" I wonder.

I do like your idea about yelling at those machines though. I often talk back to them, wishing them a good morning or whatever, but I don't think I've ever yelled at one.

So do you sing with the worship team every week?

Dapoppins said...

I had to make three phone calls and talk to two machines before I got to speak to someone at Sears about my air conditioner. "Lemme speak to a PERSON!"

"I'm sorry, I did not understand that request..."

When you run you get skinny? Huh. I just jiggle a lot.

Carolanne said...

I hate talking to a machine too and sometimes don't even bother to leave a message. At the same time, I expect people to leave a message when I'm not home. It's only fair. :)

You know, I'm thinking that getting mad at people when I'm going home from work and they're not around is actually a good idea. As long as I'm driving and not walking but then again, the drive home only takes 4 min. - hardly enough time!

R said...

JRH--Yeah, "Crapola" is a bad one.

I take my aggression out on those poor machines, if they were alive they would be upset.

Yes, I sing with the worship band and then I also have a band I am the lead singer to that plays benefit concerts twice a year locally. This year we are lucky to get in just one because gee whiz, everyone is so busy this time around.

Whenever Dear Sir gets my music site going again (on myspace) I will put the link up so you can hear me sing!

Dapoppins---Quit skimming the post, my daughter said "you get STINKY and sweaty." But as an added bonus you can get skinny if you don't eat terribly. LOL!!!

Carolanne--Yes, it is not fair, four minutes is not nearly enough time to wig out.

BTW---I kept dreaming about you and Australia all night long. I have no idea what it was about but I remember that. Huh.

The Woman said...


(Hey, I've lost 2 pounds! Any idea how hard THAT was?)

Carolanne said...

Well maybe you're going to come over and visit me??? Now that would be very cool. We could go walking along the beach together, have a picnic in the hills, come back here and you could play my guitar and sing for my family and I. :)

Oh and my son can 'babysit' your kids while we go off on our day trips! :)

~Jennifer said...

Ha ha, Poppins, we see what we wanna see, huh? ;-)

I do the same thing in the car. Once (or maybe twice) my kids heard me call a guy "Asswipe". It was funny looking in the rear view mirror at all those great big eyes!

Anonymous said...

I get very irritated when I drive. What is with these idiots who insist on going exactly the speed limit?

direct tv sent my box from UPS. I kept the tracking number for good measure. Did I tell you they charged my card for the remainder of my contract? I put that amount in dispute and canceled the card. now what are they gonna do!!! then they had the audacity to have one of their goons call me on a saturday morning at 8am to survey me about why I quit their service. Dont they have that on their computer????

R said...

Woman---No, I don't know how hard that was but I can imagine! I know you have some thyroid issues and stuff, and it takes you forever to get any pounds off. Good work!

Carolanne---I would LOVE to come and visit you sometime. Joel has always wanted to go to Australia since a long time ago, and I have always been curious about it. Of course, it may not be for a long time since we have no moolah right now, but to know I am welcome to visit with friends there makes it that much more inviting!!! Thank you, that sounds great!!

Jennifer---LOL!!! I can picture the kids!

Doozie--Yeah, I remember reading that on your blog. Direct TV is the devil. I hope you really mess them over because they keep doing it to other people and you definitely can get the job done.