Can You Hand Me Two Tissues? My Snot is Thick...

That's it. Where did the Woman go again?I have no shame now. Complete misery.

I am sick today. Well, I was sick yesterday and the evening before that. So my weekend was pretty much ruined by my moaning and groaning about a cold. I hate being sick. I thought I could defeat it (Dear Sir says it is all my pride) by running on the treadmill to boost my immunity levels, but it did not work. So I guess I will run on the treadmill later to get better. I know, I am crazy. I just read somewhere that it helps.

I slept very poorly too. I had songs stuck in my head that I wanted OUT, and then I do the usual toss and turn, stuff the tissues up my nose and breathe through my mouth. I was hotter than Hades, burning it up beside Dear Sir. He is always on the too warm side, so he stayed clear of me. I think I had a fever. I was pretty much miserable. I woke up at all hours, and then I finally got to the hour of one in the morning and felt a hand on my back and it wasn't Dear Sir's.

There Eraser Eater was, his little skinny frame etched out by the moonlit window, saying, "Mommy, I don't feel right."

My conclusion was that he was hungry, so I had him pop a Pepto pill and pull a sleeping bag on my side of the bed on the floor. He was contented with that sure enough; he went right to sleep and then I tossed and turned the rest of the morning.

This got me to thinking about the mind and how it never turns OFF. Even in my sleep I know it is going on, I know it is saying words and thinking thoughts and I can't get it to quit. It is like when you are throwing up and all you can think about is the "Yellow Submarine" song stuck in your head that keeps playing over and over as your up-chuck soundtrack. You vow to yourself, I will never listen to the Beatles again! because you feel so wretched and the association is not good, but soon enough when you are feeling well you put good ol' Ringo back in the CD player and don't think about it ever again.

I just want the mind to turn off once in awhile. This would bring much pleasure, but then again, if the mind would be turned off, pleasure would not be felt. Ok, so maybe I wish that the mind could just focus on one or two things. If I could go through a night and just think about sheep jumping a fence that would be great, but in reality, I think about the grill being on, the house burning down, a stupid song that I hate, germs everywhere, and things that need to get done. When I am sick I think silly things like I am the person in the novel that I was just reading and I am saying her words over and over, or in a half sleep I keep thinking about how I am not sleeping well and how much snot can my nose really produce? Buckets full.

While sick, I actually sang a Keith Green song yesterday and accompanied myself on guitar during Communion. People said, "no one would have known you were sick by your singing voice!" but then I knew because I was so frigid in that blasted building (they keep it so cold) and the Sudafed I was taking makes it ten times worse so of course my pick slipped out of my hand creating a pause in the music but by some act of magic or Divine Intervention I caught the thing and carried on. I really, really hope I don't turn mute this time.


KingJaymz said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon. It really stinks being sick.

Counting sheep never worked for me. Besides, they're such a fat, stupid, lazy and cumbersome animal (any wonder God compared us to them?) that there is no way they could get their gelatinous mass of lard over a fence in one leap. And, to answer the question you're already asking, no my brain never turns off either. How else could I ponder so deeply something so useless.

Anonymous said...

I get songs stuck in my head, too - I guess everyone does. I find that I have to sing the whole thing out loud and finish it in order to unstick it. 'Course, that might be difficult if you're busy up-chucking. It's also hard if you can't remember the whole song. I've been known to look up the words just so I can finish the darn thing.

Rather than counting sheep in order to turn off my brain and get to sleep, I play little counting games in my head, like this: 1-2-3;2-3-4;3-4-5;4-5-6;5-6-7...you get the idea. Somehow I'm usually able to bore myself right to sleep.

Okay, so what Keith Green song? "Rushing Wind" is one of my all-time favorite songs, but I haven't heard it in years.

Anyway, I hope you get to feeling better quickly. Colds are cruddy, especially in the summertime.

Dapoppins said...

I can't find the WOMAN either! i thought it was just me!

Hey, crazy thoughts in the head? I thought I was the only one who did that!

R said...

Jared---Yes, you are right. Sheep are fat dumb animals. Don't you wish you could turn your mind off too? Oh yes, we do that when we watch TV. I forgot.

JRH---That is indeed the song I sang, "Rushing Wind". I did not know it was so well-liked. My favorite is "When I Hear the Praises Start" and his version of the 23rd Psalm. It gets me crying every time.

I understand hearing the song so it will kindly exit the brain accordingly---I have been known to do that. Some system thing.

Dapoppins--glad someone else noticed it too!LOL!

August said...

I must be missing something. I don't get your subject line. Must be because I'm new here.

I'm sorry you're sick. I had a cold this weekend too. YOu're starting to scare me girl. ;) Are you me? Do I have multiple personalities and a whole other blog that I didn't know about?


Oh wait, my eraser eater is a she. Whew.

R said...

August---my subject line means that I have been specifically getting two tissues per blowing nose session this weekend because I have a lot of snot up there. Most of what I write makes no sense.

I admit we are very similar...you have a kid that eats erasers?


~Jennifer said...

Okay, I feel compelled to speak up on behalf of sheep everywhere. They are NOT FAT. They just have lots of fluffy wool that makes them look that way. Ever seen one after it has been shorn? Skinny. Besides, they taste good. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey R, I've been sheepishly handing out some awards over at my place and yes, you got one!

shealyisnottheantichrist said...

I am just like a sheep. All that extra bulk is actually fluffy wool. I am sorry you are sick. We are hot too. In 16 days of July, 11 have been over 100. Not sick though. I have been struggling with reading my Bible. I open it up and my mind immediately wanders off. I miss you guys.

R said...

Jennifer---I am so glad you cleared that up for us about the sheep. They do taste good, that is for sure. I know they are not fat, but there is something about calling a dumb animal a tub of lard or whatever Jared said. I feel like my brain is nothing but a tub of lard right now...

JRH---Thanks, man. Love the pun.

Shealy---We miss you guys too. I have the same issues lately with reading my Bible. However, Phil Wickham and his album titled the same, has gotten me more in the spirit of praise as of late and I think God for using him to penetrate that place.