Sin Eraser

Yesterday Eraser Eater decided upon waking that he was going to get all Charles Finney on us and live out the holiness movement by attempting not to sin all day long. I thought that a very noble thing to try, but knew it would be short-lived.

He did so well, I have to say. He has been so bearable all day, catching himself before he whines, saying "yes, mom" when I tell him to do something, trying his hardest to share and whatnot. Right before lunch he came to me very upset and disturbed.
"Mom," he said wide-eyed, "I am very worried---I have been trying not to sin and I think I have sinned already."

I am sure I could have thought of a few slip-ups, but who is counting? I did not notice anything too in-your-face to say, "Ah yes, my boy, it was when you yelped in selfishness as your sister tried to read your precious magazine!"

"What did you do?" I asked, curious.

"I picked my nose," and he started to almost cry but I put my hand on his shoulder and told him not to worry about it.


The Woman said...

Poor baby! I applaud his efforts. :o)

shealyisnottheantichrist said...

You gotta love this guy! Plus, he collects buttons.

Carolanne said...


That is cute. :)

It is good that he tried and was so determined to get it "right".

Anne said...

WOW! How old is he?

R said...

Woman---Yes, he is trying. What a cutie.

Shealy---he is pretty lovable. Button collecting is a real bonus, that's for sure! :)

Carolanne---Yeah, I really think the Spirit convicts him because he wants so badly to try to do better.

Anne--Eraser Eater is eight.

~Jennifer said...

I can remember trying not to sin. I grew up Catholic and every time I came home from confession I was determined to never sin again, thus eliminating the need to deal with confession again. Plus I had such a "clean slate" feeling after confession. I'll bet Eraser Eater made it longer than I ever did.

Dapoppins said...

If nose picking is a sin I am in BIG trouble. That boy is amazing to set such goals for himself. I am so impressed.

Anonymous said...

I'm in big trouble is picking noses is a sin!!! Me and dapoppins need a 12 step program apparently. I remember as a kid, setting goals to be good all day, and I always failed. I grew up feeling like a failure. I hope he doens't feel that way

R said...

Jennifer---I didn't realize that you grew up Catholic. Huh. I never thought about not sinning, I mean, I thought about not wanting to sin but knew it was hopeless and I would. It is not like I tried my very best not to, I sort of knew intuitively that I could not accomplish it.

Dapoppins and Dooz---you guys have an ailment I have apparently. I have to clear my nose out when it gets bad because I can not stand the build up. We are all in big trouble.

Doozie--I hope he doesn't feel that way either. The good thing is that we can teach him Christ and how He can accomplish it for him, so he need not worry about being perfect, because he can not be, only Jesus can.