I Did Not Do Spell Check

Yesterday we went to the pool (even Dear Sir went). I left with the kids and the neighbor girl and Dear Sir took off to get a hair cut. I almost fell over when I looked up from reading my book by the pool to see the man walking toward me with a towel. WHAT? I thought.

"Sorry it took me so long to get here," he said, "my mom called when I got home."
Huh? I didn't expect you to come at all, I thought, but kept to myself.

Then he swam around and played with the kids. He taught Eraser Eater how to get to the bottom but found he was not weighty enough. I have hardly ever seen Dear Sir wet. In chlorinated water, that is.

I swam around for a bit, avoiding getting my head under because water likes to remain in my ears for a number of days and I start to act all crazy, hitting my head over and over from time to time to get it out. I hate that feeling. Once when I was a kid I got swimmers ear so bad that I wailed and screamed all the way to the doctor and he told my parents my ear was almost completely closed up.

I am a little bit sore because whenever I exercise in any form I do a bit too much and work myself over. I did a million breast strokes and people kept getting in my way. I hate that. It's my pool, dang it.

You know, I am just really irritated right now. The kids want to go to this free viewing of the Wizard of Oz this morning and I am not a morning person and they are all running around with their toast and eating in various places besides the table and I am about to go nuts and the whining and the crying because if they don't hurry we will not go and then the Oldest doesn't want to go but wants to go to the blasted pool and he keeps being a grump about it and keeps wanting more toast and I am going to go nuts and I am not making sense but making run-on sentences or just one big run on sentence and the Girl's hair looks like a rat's nest, and the Oldest has yesterday's shirt on probably because I have not done the laundry and I am still in my pajamas and need to get some make up on so I won't scare the world, and to put it short: I am just not ready.

And I hate the Wizard of Oz. I hate black and white movies because old technology bores me. It drives Dear Sir nuts.

Well, I better go. Time is pressing. Have a good day. And I hear someone urinating all over my toilet seat. Grrrr....


KingJaymz said...

Breath stroke?

I don't watch too many black and whites either. I always watch the Technicolor remasters.

Was it the Eraser Eating Freak?

R said...

He he. Thanks for pointing that out. I will go and fix it.

I have half a brain in the morning, you know that....

Yes, how did you guess it was the eraser eating freak? You are just smart like that. I can tell.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes life is just one long run-on sentance, isn't it? I was out of breath by the end of that paragraph.

I'm with you about water in my ears, but not so much about black & white movies. In fact, many of my all-time favorites are sans color; but then again, I am an old dude. Not that I wouldn't like them if they were in color, they're just...not.

KingJaymz said...

Aww, you're too sweet. I just figured the oldest was a little too old, and the girl is...well...a girl. I wouldn't peg Dear Sir for that type of behavior, so...

Don't work so hard that you exhaust yourself and get completely out of breast (LOL)

R said...

JRH---Yes, one run-on sentence. It is grueling.

Jared--Sadly enough, the Oldest does urinate on my toilet seat quite a bit, but I can tell it was Eraser Eater just by the sound of his motions. Mothers intuition.

I am pretty much out of breast right now. I died on the treadmill just now running like a crazy woman after ingesting a gob of pasta. I feel like there is a brick in my gut. Not good to do. Now I must go.

~Jennifer said...

yup, something is definitely in the air. I'm convinced now.

You do remember that The Wizard of Oz is only black and white in Kansas, don't you? Once Dorothy gets over the rainbow and into OZ everything is obnoxiously colorful. :-)

Carolanne said...

Jennifer said what I was going to say - about the Wizard of Oz that is. Would it help you to know I was in a school production of the WofO way back before there was TV? LOL

Isn't it good that Dear Sir can still surprise you after all these years?! Maybe after the adventures with the raft and all, he thought he'd better get in the water and swim with the kids.

And by the way I liked the "breath" stroke typo. It looked cool and I was going to comment but then saw the time and had to go to bed.

Hope your day turned out better than you expected!

Dapoppins said...

love your run on sentence...that is my life right there. Have you seen the Screaming Banshee cards? Are you related and just forgot to tell me?


Anonymous said...

someone needs to teach dapooppins how to link. copying and pasting is so er....8 track tapish

as for the post huh? what?

The Woman said...

Snicker... Sorry, couldn't help it. I get all this drama with ONE kid. I'm amazed at moms of multiples that are still sane! :o)

(Yes, she can pee on a toilet seat. Don't ask me how. I've not figured it out either...)

R said...

Jennifer---I did know that it is b&w only in the beginning. I had a brain stroke for a second when writing it because I remembered after the paragraph that when she opens that door the color starts. I was too lazy to go back and edit some more. :)

Carolanne---I am always such a grump in the morning. No lie. I am fine later in the day, but in the morning I am always non-chipper.
Breath stroke does sound much better...lol.

Yeah, the man can surprise me, he is good.

Dapoppins---I have not read those cards. I will go on there in a second. LOL!

Doozie---My post? Huh? What?

Woman--yeah, they all decide (one or multiple) to revolt in some form or another. LOL