This and That

Ok, so the glasses just completely bit it just this morning. The Oldest was on his bike (or so he says), went over a tree stump on the ground or a root or something, and off flew his glasses, the frames braking. They were braking anyway so I believe that would do them in, I just don't know about them falling off his face. Thankfully, the frames are covered under warranty, so not a dime has to be spent in replacing them. That is a load off.

I've gone back to where I annihilated the ugly possum and he is quite dead, carcass in the middle of the road. He is a lot smaller now than he was when I just went right over the dude.

Right here is what Dear Sir has been working on lately. It concerns me so you better click over there. I am watching. He he.

And on Friday Joel and I watched the movie The Painted Veil with Naomi Watts and Edward Norton. I loved the book, but I think I enjoyed the movie just as well because it was "edited" well and made a wonderful movie. I think it is totally my favorite now. Very beautiful. You guys should see it. I think I must own it.

I am reading Mystic River right now for some easy summer reading, and it is pretty good so far minus all the f words. I don't know if people really talk like that all the time, but come on, it is a bit much. I know there is a movie, right? I am so behind.

Have a good day. I have to travel up north today at some point to go to band practice, so I will be busy. BTW---my guitar is not totally repaired yet, but I did talk to the repair guy and he says he has it nearly perfect so far, he just needs a couple more weeks tops. Relief.


KingJaymz said...

Sounds like a total relief.

Funny, the picture didn't show in the post preview on his blog, so I thought he was just being lazy and didn't have anything. Yeah, I know, never mind the other new post he put up today. That would have required logical deduction at 5am...

~Jennifer said...

I made a comment on Dear Sir's project, and I immediately regretted it but couldn't delete it. It occurred to me that since this is a serious project I should share my "hot mama" remark over here instead of there. So, tell him I apologize and to feel free to delete my comment if need be. :-)

Henny Penny said...

Do you want to borrow the Cocky-Locky's Esteban guitar until yours is fixed? TeeHee

Sounds/looks like quite a lot of excitement going on over there!

Turbo Chic (JZ) said...
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August said...

As I was saying (under the wrong name ;) a couple weeks without my guitar would be tortuous.

Dapoppins said...

no guitar yet? Oh wow. That might be close to no computer.

Anonymous said...

I put the Painted Veil on my netflix. I don't know how laid back that mystic river is, the movie was pretty harsh

JHagan said...

Bets and I saw Painted Veil when it was out in the theatre. Very Christian themes--faith to be lived out in service to the poor--not seeking pleasure. I love the Norton character--takes extreme action in a bad situation and its the best thing for both of them. Watts character reminds me of the church in the US--silly wayward girl who needs a real dose of reality!

we read the book to. book much darker though it focuses more on Kitty's vertical relationship with God and the movie is more horizontal.

Anne said...

A couple more weeks!?

I wish I was a fiction reader. I spend all my time reading "information".

R said...

Jennifer--we have had internet issues the past couple days so I am sure he did not read it yet! :)

Henny Penny---Still gone. It is maddening.

August---at least I have another, which is nice.

Dapoppins--pretty close.

BaDoozie--you will love the movie (TPV)

Jim--Yeah, I read the book awhile back ago, and appreciated it. I love Maugham quite a bit. I don't agree with his lifestyle, but he was a great writer.

I thought the whole movie well thought out and so well done. Very viewer friendly. Very artistic. You can feel the tension.

Anne--I like information ok, but I so much love to read about things that are not real because it is like a mini vacation. Sort of. I appreciate the art of it all. There is not much art in information.

Emma Sometimes said...

DS is making you a website or a poster?

I haven't seen the movie. Edward Burns is not a favorite though.

I thought Mystic River the movie was harsh too....