I Hate Games

Yesterday Dear Sir and I allowed the boys to get a Game Cube and some games. They had been saving their money for maybe six months to a year now, and thankfully they were able to put their money together and because of the Wii, Game Cubes are cheap so they got one early. My Oldest is so happy he could scream. Eraser Eater is pretty cool with it. Dear Sir, after getting the kids in bed, sat down and played until I fell asleep on the couch.

"You guys are so lucky," Dear Sir would say. "When I was a kid, my parents wouldn't even let me get an Atari. I had to go and play at the drug store or go to my friends house."

When I was growing up we had the Nintendo right when it first came out. The only game I got decent at was Tetris. Other than that, I remember watching my brothers play and beat game after game. Now those games, like Zelda, Mario Brothers, and Castlevania are called "classics".
But you guys all know that. I am dating myself. I know, I am young. Don't use it against me.

Personally I think Wii game systems are dumb. I saw a kid playing one at the game store and he looked retarded. Sorry, fans of the Wii. It just plain looks ridiculous. I understand wanting to get up and do something instead of sitting there and moving your hands, but gee whiz, take a run outside or something. It just looks moronic. Jared is going to have my head.

I took the girl and the neighbor girl to swim lessons this morning and a middle aged woman next to me beside the pool started to ask me questions. She asked if my Girl was in the school down the street. I told her no, that I homeschool.
"Oh," she said, but she did not look at all pleased by this. She seemed nice enough, but sometimes people try to overly act like they agree with it and all that when they really do not.
She said, "So do you find it hard to stick to a curriculum?"
Now, can I ask this: what kind of ignorant, preposterous, and condescending question is that?
Like nothing I do is thought out, like I obviously have no goal.
I looked at the woman and shook my head like it didn't bother me and said, "Nah. You just buy the stuff online and use it. I have found that I have been more intense than I ever needed to be and I have had to learn to back off quite a bit."
Then by the next set of questions and my next set of answers, I could see by the look of her face that she felt stupid because she now saw that I was highly qualified to do my job.

I also went to a wedding in D.C. this weekend (a dear friend was getting married) and I feel so sad because I miss all my friends at Church of the Resurrection. That church is just like home to me. It was wonderful being there but also very painful.

Upon getting the Game Cube Eraser Eater said, "Gee, Dad, I never knew you guys were this nice! I think this is the closest thing to heaven I can get!!"

Now if I can get Dear Sir off that thing when the kids are in bed we will be good. We got rid of satellite TV and now he has another thing to suck up his time. He wanted to get this Clone Wars game but they didn't have it so the salesperson asked if he wanted this one particular Star Wars game or "Rebel Strike". I could tell by the look on his face when he requested "Rebel Strike" that he could have screamed it he was so excited. For a moment he looked like was ten.

It was all I could do to prevent myself from openly rolling my eyes.


This morning when the neighbor girl was dropped off the neighbor said as she looked me up and down: "Well you look wonderful!" And I could tell she meant it.

I was wearing gray jogging pants and a black concert t-shirt. Pretty casual.


Emma Sometimes said...

I agree about the Wii, you do look odd playing it. I completely limit my kids gaming because they turn into psychos. Oh, you think I am joking? My son *freaks out* after a while, so we always put it away during the school year. Getting outside is always better for the lungs and sunshine anyway.

I was homeschooled in the mid to late 80s and I was truly labeled a freak. People are afraid of what they don't know, especially hearing (and thinking the norm) all of the horror stories about homeschooling.

I won't homeschool, but big kudos to those who can. It takes amazing dedication.

"And NO ONE expects the Spanish Inquisition!! "

Emma Sometimes said...

PS. ~SNORT~ Do you often look pretty casual when you are doing that newfangled homeschoolin' gig?

R said...

Emma-- "pretty" much...

~Jennifer said...

Maybe she reads your blog.

Do you know what pong is? Well, we had that when I was growing up. And then we got an Atari. I was crazy good at the Atari. I used to stay home sick so I could practice and then challenge my dad to a game of breakout. At one point he owed me 3 movies and a trip to Dairy Queen.

I'm not so good at these new fangled games with all their buttons and doohickeys, though.

Anonymous said...

We miss you at Rez, too. It was great seeing you on Saturday.

R said...

Jennifer---I remember Pong. I think Dear Sir used to be pretty good at it.

Too many buttons, I agree.

Caley---Thank you!!! I still can't believe you read my junk...

Mama Bear said...

My sister Ann and I didn't have Atari. We played board games.

Our baby sister (13 years younger than me, 16 years younger than Ann) had a Coleco-Vision. Remember THAT one? LOL

The pool AND 20 questions? What fun! Cough...

Want I should come growl at your neighbor? Grr...

Anonymous said...

I remember pong. It was the only electronic game we ever had. I used to play tetris on the computer a few years ago and got pretty good, now, not so much. Pac Man makes me sooo tense that I can not play it anymore. Glad we don't have it here.

My kids have systems and they drive me nuts. I must admit, though, that if I had to choose just one, it would be the Wii. I know you look dorky, but it really is fun and I could play it with my kids and possibly beat them. The others drive me crazy and I can't even watch for more than a minute or two.

We limit playing time because a couple of my kids loose all track of time on them. The other two play a bit and get off. Not worth the angst it causes, so we set a time and off they go. I like board games and the great outdoors so much more!

Good job with the pool lady. Hopefully she has a bit more of an open mind thanks to you.

R said...

Mama---you are so funny!

Pam--I feel your pain, truly. I just can't sit and watch it all. Argh.

I can see how ridiculous game life is. I am totally limiting it tomorrow since I let them go for it all day today since they first got it and were all excited.

As you all can imagine, Dear Sir just came home and started playing immediately. I am going to have to restrict him from it!!!

Dapoppins said...

we rented lego Star Wars for my sons after playing it at Emma's house. My husband stayed up late to play it every night. When I want to read late it really makes him uptight, but he will stay up to late finishing a leval no problem.

We only rented the game. It went back last week. And today we went to the library, the park, and hubby is alseep.

Carolanne said...

Maybe the neighbour had heard your threat about the laying on off hands or something? :)

I miss the good friendships we used to have at another church we went to. I even miss it for my son who has never been a part of that church because I wonder what it would be like for him to grow up with my friends' kids too.

As for "sticking to a curriculum" - yeah I found that hard to do anyway!

Lyssa said...

*covers head and hides*

I kind of liked the Wii!