Drive Box II

Here is the sequel post to this previous post of mine from last month. Ok, so since you read that now and are updated you realize that it is sort of odd that my neighbors across the street never walk to the mailbox to get their mail. The kids somehow put a stop to this yesterday. I almost fainted when I saw my female neighbor WALK to the mailbox, stand before it, and pull out her mail like all of us other mail retrievers do. It was truly amazing. I thought, "Is she trying to exercise now?" or "Is this some past New Year's resolution that she has just remembered to live out?" Who knows, right? Well, I looked closely out the window beyond my mac and saw a HUGE tree branch jutting out into the street right in front of her mailbox. What I mean is, if she were to try to get her mail with her huge SUV, the branch would probably poke her car, scratch it up, or pop a tire or something while she was doing it. She was smart about this. She apparently saw this. To save further tree branch obstruction, she could have MOVED the thing, but I don't think she wanted to bend down. It was there all the way until this morning when Dear Sir moved it and said, "Who put that branch there?! I had it in the woodpile!"

The Oldest was guilty, he hung his head, and Dear Sir hauled the huge branch back to the woods, shaking his head the whole way there. I guess that means no more exercise for the neighbors.


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I love to watch neighbors. I think that's the only entertainment I get any more. :)