Last night as I was driving home with the kids we were singing Jesus songs at the top of our lungs. My daughter stops in the middle and says, "Mom, is poop "dung"?"

"Uh, yeah, poop is 'dung.'" I hate answering their endless questions. They are all sort of similar to these and then they all three get in on it and argue about them while I am driving and then I have to yell loudly to cut the din.

"Yeah, poop is 'dung'." I say.

My daughter lights up in her car seat (she is five and beautiful) and says, "Well, then I went dung three times today!"

"You can't use it in that context!" Yells my Oldest from the front seat.

"Yes you can!" Shouts my daughter. "Poop is dung, dung is poop!"

"Mom! She is wrong, right?!" My Oldest loudly says.

"I don't know, it sounds ok to me," I say.

Poop is dung, dung is poop, is it not? Why not interchange? It makes sense.


Funky-Redhead said...

whatever works! My son started calling "potty," A & B...um -kay...
So imagine our surprise the day he told us he had D! We were utterly confused?! If there was something else...wouldn't it then become "c?"
Um...No, we soon learned that "D," really did mean, "D!"

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Kids sometimes make the most sense! Why don't we just base our language on Kid-speak? It would be soooo much easier!

Anonymous said...

We wouldn't need spell-checker if we only used kid speak. Cute post.

Anonymous said...

*LMBO*... Sorry... Couldn't help it!

Badoozie said...

huh? your kid eats poop?

R said...

No, Susie, my kids eat FOOD and THEN it turns into poop. I thought your kid did that too.

Ha ha.