Nothing much is going on the past day or two. That is a good thing---Dear Sir always says that no news is good news.

Tonight I am going to meet some homeschool group for a Chess club. The boys are really excited. I am a little nervous because homeschool moms scare me quite a bit. I am not a fan of the whole "homeschooling is my life and I am a homeschool mom!" mentality. It took me literally YEARS of doing it to finally tell people that I homeschool within the first ten minutes of meeting me. I mean, that is not the only thing I am about. Homeschooling is really not what I am about at all. It is just something I happen to do because our family senses the immediate need.

With that said, I have never been a part of a homeschool group ever. Again, it has always intimidated me. I am glad that I have a good five years under my belt of knowing what I do best to stand my ground when a bunch of opinionated women are around me. But I am talking about it like it is a battlefield. It shouldn't be. And it may well not be; I am talking in semi-ignorance.

If you guys have been keeping up with me at all lately, the "stack" still is in its place but knocked down some; I have not removed it. Dear Sir keeps saying that he will clean up the computer desk; I think that will happen when he is on vacation next week. Yes, he is taking vacation to eliminate the masses of lists he has made over the past few months. We all love these kinds of vacations. It works well for us. And, we don't spend money either going somewhere. We have enough stuff to see here anyway. We live in freakin Virginia! One hour from the Smithsonian, so we can't complain or have an excuse to leave for a bit. Which brings me to mention that we will visit the art gallery when Dear Sir is on vacation too.

I am sorry I have not been funny lately. I have been way too serious. I have not lost any kids lately either, so maybe I am growing out of my "Code Yellow" stage (look up Code Yellow on my blog and you will then be informed of what I refer to). I also don't feel so intimidated down here (I don't live in perfect Fairfax anymore), so I can be as hick as I want (if I really wanted to).

Gotta run.

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Funky-Redhead said...

I can really relate. I am not trying to prove anything to anyone by homeschooling. It is just yet another need I am trying to fill for my kid. I too have put off the whole homeschool group thing for 3 years...and it sounds like for the exact reasons you so eloquently describe. But, if it is ANY comfort to you at all, we started this year as well, and it has been a huge success. And I say huge probably only because I was dreading it so badly...and it has turned out to be exactly what I had wanted(not hoped.) And after much consideration, I believe the reason I am so pleased, is that they are unbelieveably organized. So, there is not time for the chit-chat opinions you might expect.So who knows? Maybe you too will be pleasantly surprised? I hope so!