A Few Things I Love

I am in a bad mood (as usual---this week has been terrible in some ways) so I will try to uplift it by thinking of some uplifting things.

I love British rock music like Oasis, Coldplay, Blur, Led Zeppelin and Travis (they are actually from Scotland).

I love to sing.

I love the song "People Are Strange" by the Doors.

I love hardwood floors.

I love mopping them.

I love a very clean, non cluttered house, but it is not usually that way around here with three kids.

I love gardenias.

I love getting flowers but when I recieve them I get embarrassed.

I love getting the bills paid.

I love classic novels---especially Hardy because he is usually tragic and very descriptive.

I love Autumn and all the things that go with it like pumpkin stuff and baked bread and cooler weather.

I love sweaters.

I love getting out of bed and feeling cold floors under my feet.

I love being organized but I am not good at keeping it up.

I love to help people out.

I love giving soap away, smelling it from time to time, looking at it, and bathing with it (that is, natural, fresh soap I make).

I love playing Memory with my daughter and when she gets the Little Mermaid match she glows. My favorite match is Alice in Wonderland so I get this weird excited feeling when I get that one.

I love Wonder Woman and I love my Wonder Woman mug and shirts and I am not afraid or ashamed to show them off.

I love to read St. Paul's letters.

I love getting eggs from a chicken coop. My friend L. lets me get them from hers whenever I am around.

I love making truffles and giving them to people at Christmas time. I love to bake.

I love eating chocolate and Cadbury Eggs at Easter and I especially love dark chocolate.

I love peanut butter crunch and fruity pebbles cereal (but I don't let myself eat them).

I love skim milk.

I love patchouli.

I love inscense and icons and cathedrals but I am not a part of the Orthodox Church.

I love pizza with green peppers, onions, and bacon on it the best.

I love chewing my cheeks but I HAVE to stop.

I love to eat way too much.

I love my ipod.

I love Dear Sir's beard and I love sniffing it.

I love to sniff my younger children. The oldest one is getting too funky for my taste now. :(

I love lounge pants.

I love drinking red wine before I sing, while I make dinner, while I am with friends, and always after five o'clock.

I love to floss my teeth and I love going to the dentist. I particularly enjoy bleeding in the gums when I am done but that is not too often.

I love reading books in bed before bed with Dear Sir. I feel like the Brady's and somehow it is just "right."

I love Cliff Bars.

That's all for now, I have too much to do again!

Have a good weekend!


Badoozie said...

you love bleeding in the gums? yea, right.....

so, its always good to make an "i love" post when you are feeling down. i think it's a good thing anyhoooo
because sometimes the small things in life which add up and get us down. can spur us to appreciate the small things in life which make life more comfy.

i wish i could cheer you up!

R said...

Well, I don't love BLEEDING gums. I love the way my gums feel when they bleed (from flossing, or getting my teeth cleaned).

Yes, you are good about noticing small things! I want to be more like that day by day! That is why I love reading your blog, it cracks me up, helps me feel more happy when I am down, and always puts a smile on my face. You do cheer me up!

You are the cutest.

Joel said...


R said...

Joel: "hmmm" what?