Pharmacy Wench

I just got back from taking my boys to the chess club. It was a good experience for the most part. I met a lady who has a boy with Asperger's and he is afraid of flying insects too! She described the same stories as I had all summer. My mouth could not stop dropping open.

The bad part of the chess thing is that I was steadily getting sick. My daughter has been sick with a cold for the past two days and I thought I was careful with the germs and all that, but you know, here I am getting it. I felt it on the way there but then kept sneezing and the nose started going. Thankfully the chess club meets at a really top notch grocery store (in the restaurant department) and so afterwards I went to the pharmacy to get medicine. I wanted the old Tylenol Cold you could buy that you now have to sign for. I went to the pharmacy counter with a couple of boxes of kleenex and two boys bouncing around beside me. Well, sort of beside me.

I asked the pharmacist for the meds.
"I want the cold medicine that you used to have to sign for or you have to sign for..." I began.

There were two pharmacists working. The man got up immediately to grab whatever it was that I was about to ask for but the woman sort of stopped him and said, "Wait. You still have to sign for it. What are your symptoms?" She sort of asked it lazily like I was a moron.

"You know, a runny nose, I am sure I will be coughing tomorrow---cold symptoms." I thought, "this is cool. She is going to help me. She is willing to help me find the right drug."
Was I wrong.

"Well then take Claritin," she said.

"I take Claritin already," I said.

"Are you congested?" She asked.

"Not yet."

"Then take Claritin."

"So, let me understand. In order to get some Sudafed I have to be congested?"

"Sudafed will not help your symptoms." I thought she was being awfully dumb. I told her that I was STARTING to get a cold; I did not have a full blown cold yet. I was preparing like people prepare for a hurricane or a drought.

At this moment the boys were falling apart and freaking out and I was ready to pull this lady's hair. "You know what? Just forget it." And I walked away.

I went to the stupid aisle and bought some nyquil.

I really hope I don't get so sick like I did last cold, which was not long ago. I don't get it either. I was really taking care of myself. Maybe it was the four slices of pizza and the ice cream cone! Ha ha.

Well, good night. I am going to call it a day.


Badoozie said...

oh, oh, oh....i'm so ticked...you should go right on back there, and get the manager, and tell on her. it is
SOOOO not her job to help you self diagnose..that is highly illegal. i think.

i would have told her to get me the medication before i ripped her hair out one piece at a time as my kids yelled in her ears.

R said...

Yeah, she was a real fun one.

I bet she was not allowed to diagnose, but I think she WAS the head pharmacist. Not sure totally though. The guy seemed to bow to whatever she said. She would like, put her hand up and he would halt.

I should have told her to give me the meds, but I was actually having the blank moment. I couldn't think of the words "Tylenol Cold". Eraser Eater was crying and my mind went blank as she looked at me like I was an idiot.

I know what to do next time though. That is, if a pharmacist treats me like she owns the place.

Funky-Redhead said...

awwww.mm. What is up with the Pharmacy nazi's? This has happened to me several times! One time I reported an incident to the manager, and she was all "customer is always rightish" (annoying.) And the next time I went in they had a "new" policy posted, I am certain because I complained. I am of the understanding that they make a decent salary and for the most part don't even have to deal very much with the public.(sick people!!!) Because, they have what I refer to as "front men" or "body guards" that you have to bribe just to be able to have an "audience" with them!

~Jennifer said...

I'm with Susie, feeling all mad for you! I'm ready to march in there and yell at the pharmacist for you. It's not like were asking to buy five boxes of the stuff. Good grief.