Today we went to the Fall Fiber Festival in Montpelier and it was so muddy and sludgy from two days of rain, that we gave up and went home with the muddiest, brownest, shoes in all creation. My daughter was wearing her brand new pink mary janes and she was in despair because she thought they were ruined. They weren't. I cleaned them up well. We stood in a mucky puddle of mud and watched the Sheep dog trials for a bit and tried not to look at our feet. It was bad. I can't even express how bad it was. I mean, the mud. I have never seen so much mud in my life. It was daunting too, because you could not escape it. Worms and such were crawling all in it (even big white catepillars) and nothing was solid. I thought about buying a sweater or something, but you literally needed a boat or those kind of boots that you wear out flyfishing---truly. It was unhealthy and wrong.

Will post some pictures of the sheep or something later. I am too tired. I tried and then it didn't work, so I thought I would post something else instead. I guess.


Badoozie said...

i'm a lightweight, i would have left. don't do mud...nope....

cute pic!!

R said...

Thanks, the kids are really cute, I know. Too bad they produce bad breath.

I could not stand the mud. It was nuts. We got through it though and we are alive. I am glad of that.

The sheep were cool.

Funky-Redhead said...

Cute kids! They all look so happy!I love the sideways kiddo!He would really fit in at our house! You don't look old enough to have kids this age! Lucky YOU!

R said...

The Freak with the sideways head is my oldest (you could probably tell---or maybe not!). He always makes some sort of unatural face when taking a picture. Usually he is rolling his eyes so far back into his head he looks demonic.

I feel like I am really old. This is the year, hon. I am twenty nine this year. I feel it slamming on me like a freight train.