The Morning of No Sleep

I was so looking forward to this morning. I was so happy that I could sleep in finally (maybe until nine?) and here I go waking up before eight. Listen though, I usually have trouble getting up every morning on a week day and wish I could keep sleeping. I am molasses head. Today was the day. I totally ruined it.

I was not comfortable enough all night so I turned around a lot. I had garlic on my hands from making a marinade earlier in the day (I am usually good at getting that off) and I whiffed it all night. I felt stuffy and sneezy and my throat was scratchy again. Then, to top it off, I had weird dreams of being back at my old house in Idaho and moving back in it. I was totally depressed in the dream. They put in ugly burnt orange carpet while we were gone and expected us to live on it. I somehow disclosed some sort of information (this is a latter, more complicated part of the dream that still involved my old house) and so people were coming at me with guns and I had to think of tricky ways to get out of the house. I had my running clothes on and could not run.

So, I wake up before I want to, the weather is divinely rainy and cold outside, and everyone else (I think besides my daughter) is cozy and toasty in their beds.

I am a failure at running lately too. I have been reading a lot about people who are running and they are running more than me presently. I did not realize that I was competitive like that. I have only been running three miles MWF and one day on the weekend, so that totals 12 miles a week. Pretty pathetic for me. I have been trying to walk on the off days when I am on the phone, so that helps me out. I like moving, but when I school as intense as I do I don't get to do it as often as I like. It is sad because about two months ago I was running 25+ miles a week, but really, if I can just do twenty a week I would be glad with that. Sometimes it turns into just another thing on my list I have to accomplish during the day. The plight of homeschooling mothers, I say.

I am going to brew up some coffee and make some pancakes. I bought this HUGE pack of maple syrup and pancake mix (I know, I gave up making them from scratch---I continue to be a loser) at Costco so I better get cracking on getting that used at least a little!

I am so not a morning person. I bet you can tell.


Badoozie said...

oh paLEASE. you are not a loser. stop that talk....

i love pancake mix...snoqualmie falls mix is my fav, i've been using it for 10 plus years. i hate weird dreams like that. i have weird dreams mostly every night, so i hardly ever talk about them.

i hope you are able to cheer up, a little, a tad. a smidge..

Funky-Redhead said...

I use "Jiffy," just because my mom did, does. And ya know what? Your kids don't know that you didn't stand there putting all those seperate ingredients in, and they probably wouldn't appreciate it if they did. They think you are making them! They aren't frozen and from a box! Cut, yourself a little break MOM! You're doin' fine!

R said...

I told you I was not a morning person! I feel much better now!