Yo-Yo on the Butt

Dear Sir is sick with the cold that I probably passed to him and tonight I put the kids to bed late because I was out and came back late. I came home to the kids playing shadow puppets in my five year old daughter's room, getting all sweaty. They were a little wound up. My daughter kept saying "My own personal yo-yo!" over and over again as I was going through the bedtime routine of teeth brushing, medicine, and pajamas. We were getting down to the teeth brushing in the bathroom when I had had enough of the yo-yo outburst.

"That's it," I said. "If I hear you say 'my own personal yo-yo' one more time I will pound you with a personal yo-yo on your butt!"

She was goofy. They all were. I heard a cackle in the background.

"I'd like to see that!" Yelled my daughter in a cascade of giggles.

"Oh really?!" I said.

"YES!" Yelled Eraser-Eater, getting ready for bed too, but so excited about the yo-yo on the butt statement that he ran toward me with his sweats around his ankles. He had his arms up in the air, fingers making a tickling motion in sheer taunt fashion.

"Ok!" I yelled. "I'll show you and your big ol' head!" I tackled him as he laughed his head off and held him down on his stomach. I proceeded to take my fists and punch each butt cheek alternately (not too hard) as he writhed around in laughter.

"How do you like that?!!!" I yelled, in mock anger.

I sat back and waited for his answer.

"It was sort of soothing," he said and laughed like crazy.

Then they all proceeded to lay themselves down on their stomachs saying, "I want to have my butt soothed!"

What am I teaching these kids?


Emily said...

I don't know Rachel but I'm thinking my life is really boring compared to yours.


Badoozie said...

i think you're teaching your kids that you are fun, and spontaneous and not all business. so there.

Funky-Redhead said...

I think you are more fun, than me! And I try hard!!! You win! World's "funnest" mom!

R said...

You guys are so nice.

I feel like the worst mother sometimes!

Natalie said...

i've got tears i laughed so hard!