Let's Not Talk About It....

I woke up to seeing the hugest zit in the world on my chin. It is disgusting. I winced and put some oxy on it.

Fast forward to breakfast:

"What's that white stuff on your chin, Mommy?" Eraser Eater asks.

"Oh," I say, "I have an owie on my chin and I put some medicine on it." I really did not want to think about zits while I was eating Cream of Wheat.

"Oh, is it a pimple?" The Oldest asks between a bite of Cream of Wheat or an egg.

"Eww..." Eraser Eater says, holding his gut.

"How about some ancane? It could be ancane, mom, really. You should...."

"Ancane?" I ask. "You mean 'acne'?"


"Let's not talk about it," I say to my Oldest while Eraser Eater is whimpering in disgust. Remember, he can't even eat when the Oldest does not have a shirt on. He loses his "appletite".

"Eat your breakfast."

Eraser Eater looks down and takes a bite. He looks over at me and then I can tell he is looking at my zit. Well, the oxy covering my zit. The big white spot. His eyes are right on it.

I look down, sort of embarrassed. I craftily put my hand up to cover my chin.

"Eat your breakfast," I say.


Funky-Redhead said...

yes, it isn't enough we've already lived through the humilation once as teens. We get to relive it again, thanks to our kids!

Redneck Nerdboy! said...


Go ahead. Tell me God doesn't have a sense of humor. Really!

R said...

Yeah, they are all nuts. I am the only sane one around here...they're all against me...

EmmaSometimes said...

so not fair. Once you hit your thirties, you wonder what in the wide world happended to your skin! Some mornings I wish I could just photoshop my skin....

Anonymous said...

Ancane? *Giggle*

I have news for you... I'll be 41 and still get 'em! Rosie is very quick to pint that out... not only to me, but to EVERYONE! *Ack*

RANDI said...

I guess you can chalk this up to making memories with your kids, right? I don't think this breakfast will be forgotten soon! ;)

R said...

Yes, zits for no reason when I am nearing thirty. Glad you all are in the same boat otherwise I would feel left out.

Moo---Yep, ancane. He mispronounces EVERYTHING. He is learning the Greek gods and he still pronounces Hercules wrong. He calls him "Haraclees". It drives me nuts.

I about threw up when I saw that the public library had a little bit of literature on how to discourage your child from reading. One of the rules was to correct everything that the child mispronounces. Of course, this was all a list on "what NOT to do" but it was so stupid. I correct my kid all the time. Still can't pronounce anything. He doesn't care what he reads either. He was reading the Volkswagon Manual in the car this morning!

Randi---I guess I can chalk just about everything up to making memories with my kids. They do the craziest stuff. They probably won't need to go to a shrink though when they get older. I am pretty confident they will turn out ok. When you get a zit, you use oxy. Do not rub coins in front of mom when she is eating, do not mention cheese and coinage together in the same sentence. Mom chews her cheeks when she is nervous. You know, maybe we could all get cheek cancer if they follow suit, who knows.

Thank you for reading!