Some things I hate

I hate having cramps.

I hate having fat under my ribs.

I hate Citrucel.

I hate shrimp because I hate worms and shrimp are sort of like worms.

I hate it when people talk over other people.

I hate being interrupted.

I hate Kramer on Seinfeld. He is too clumsy and he drives me nuts.

I hate how George always gets girlfriends---it makes no sense.

I hate it when people refer to themselves in the third person---for instance: "Mr. T doesn't like it when people back talk him!"

I hate being hot.

I hate trying to like football. It is frustrating.

I hate Verizon people. They don't ever help.

I hate it when people hate how I use the word hate. They are always sunshiny chipper people. I am not like that.

I hate snapping in my ears.

I hate whines.

I hate when someone is driving slow when I am in a hurry.

I hate Wal*Mart.

I hate barking dogs.

I hate cheesy lyrics.

I hate cheerleaders (no offense, Emily).

I hate (usually) modern novels.

I hate stretch marks (on myself).

I hate hair clots (especially wet and soppy in a drain).

I hate coinage.

I hate the smell of coinage.

I hate fingerprints on cheese, touching cheese, and cheese that is luke warm (sick!).

I hate mushrooms because they look like slugs, have a weird spongey texture and taste like dirt.

I hate chocolate haystacks because I got food poisoning once and I threw them up.

I hate John Denver, James Taylor, John Cougar Mellencamp, the Boss, and others that fit that group (but I am open, if you want me to sing them).

I am starting to really hate fried chicken. I make it too much for Dear Sir. I don't even eat with the family on those nights anymore.

I hate having athlete's foot.

I hate messes.

I hate spilled milk.

I hate jewelry (especially metallic, but usually any adornment is a struggle for me).

I usually hate popcorn.

I hate award shows.

I hate sneezing.

I guess since I just complained so much about what I hate, I will have to write about what I love to balance it out! I am so sure I hate many more things, but my brain is fried and I am sick and tired.


~Jennifer said...

lol! We have some of the same hates. Mushrooms? Hello? Fungus. Just like athletes foot (which I noticed you also hate, so it makes perfect sense that you would hate mushrooms, as do I.)

Funky-Redhead said...

I share a lot of your dislikes, but the one that makes me feel like a long lost friend...is that I loathe Wal-mart!

Emily said...

No offense taken. (Though it seems like maybe you could actually USE your own personal cheerleader right now!)

I bet you just LOVED my post of a few days ago with all those lovely fungi fotos....

Badoozie said...

i seriously think that in the spirit of hatefulness, emily should write you a cheer. i really do.

i see that there are some things on the list i could relate to. and i could add to it a hundred fold.

i really hate when i'm hating, and someone tells me "smile, it aint all bad" and i want to tell them, "your not me, and so shut your yap and mind your own business, cause you have no idea what is going on in my head, or whether or not two seconds ago, I WAS smiling and you missed it. do you think i should walk around with a stupid smile on my face 24/7 just so idiots like you dont tell me to smile?"

R said...

I actually don't *hate* mushrooms when they are outside looking cool...I hate eating them, smelling them when they are about to be eaten, and tasting them. I actually have some pictures of the orange and yellow colored mushrooms on my blog too because I thought they looked so cool. I like the Alice in Wonderland sort of feel, but I would never get big or turn small by EATING them. Never. I would take the little tarts any day or drink the fluid in the bottle over the mushrooms. But, I have been known to eat them if I have to, so I won't offend the cook. And, if the Queen of Hearts was about to execute me by decapitation, I would probably eat some of those pieces of mushroom in my pocket out of sheer desperation.

To be ridiculously honest, I have a long dear friend who when we were in the third grade she used to drag me into doing "cheers" with her. I can't even remember them, actually, but I remember dancing around to make her happy and going through all the motions (although I was not good at it). I was literally like Eyore trying to please Tigger. I can truly relate to the Eyore's of this world---

Susie--I really don't like it when someone tells me to smile either. I really DON'T LIKE IT. I totally can relate to what you posted. Oh my goodness gracious, I am there. And it does happen to me.

Em, I don't know what my own cheerleader would do for me! :) I am a lost cause. It's like making a woman who was never raised watching any sport enjoy football.

Red Head---Let's form a team against Wal*Mart. I actually wouldn't mind cheering about that! Ha ha.

Jennifer---Excellent observations about the two different funguses. I never even put two and two together like that (you are smart as a whip) and it all makes perfect sense. Really it does.

When my brain is not fried I will try to think of more things I can't stand....:)

Anne said...

I'm laughing so hard. I threw up Cheetos (sp?) once - it took a long time to like them again.

P.S. I really, really like warm cheese - YUM! Especially with fingerprints.

R said...

Anne---your "p.s." was so unexpected and so wretched I almost tossed my cookies. Dear Sir even said, "What?!" after I made an ejaculatory sound.

shealyisnottheantichrist said...

Mr. Sinta hates mushrooms as well. You really captured the essence of the offenses of fungi. I must warn you that it is very un-
Wilhelm to hate popcorn, but they do not mind because that means there is more for them!