Drive Box

As I have said before, I really like all my neighbors. They are all very kind and sweet and whatnot. They are all wonderful people. I have been invited to stuff, one has babysat, one has said that I could cry on her shoulder if need be for Asperger's sympathy (she has an Asperger's boy too). They are all just nice, hands down.

The couple right across the street NEVER, however, walk to get their mail. NEVER. I don't think I have ever seen it happen. I don't think they want to walk. Now, I am not sure if it is because the box is across the street next to our mailbox or what, or if it is because they don't like exercise (they are a bit heavy), but they always DRIVE to the mailbox. ALWAYS. They literally back up and everything to get to the box. They go through hoards of trouble to make sure they can easily access the box from the car. They back up, pull forward, go to the side, etc and everything. I say it is much easier to walk. Weird.


Badoozie said...

could you take a picture so we can get a clear idea of how far they are backing to get to this mailbox? i'm in awe of that. maybe they are paralized from the neck down.

now, i'd like to mention that you say "whatnot" a lot, and i think this is funny. it reminds me of napoleon dynamite, in which uncle rico said whatnot all the time.

also, i forgot to mention, you named Mr. Bean as one of three people who make you laugh, so dyl and I are huge Bean fans. we have the entire collection on DVD. GO BEAN. and the movie Johnny English was one of the funniest ever made.

all done now

R said...

HA! I am not sure exactly how to take a picture to adequately showcase the silliness of the "drive" to the mailbox. Usually it is on the way out or the way in the driveway. I think it is always. I just notice it because there is always a huge SUV sitting in front of our mailboxes and here a big arm comes out of the window and someone is struggling to get all the mail out of the box. Sometimes I can hear the wife yell, "Enough already!" to the husband and snap at him (she is from NY). It is kind of funny.

I say whatnot I think because my brothers have always said it or maybe I said it first and they always said it because I did, I have no idea. It is sort of a family thing. I say lots of stupid stuff that just has stuck. I said whatnot before Uncle Rico though. And, I have never seen that movie. I know, I am extra stupid now! Dear Sir would never have it.

The fact that you like Mr. Bean tells me you have good taste.

I admitted to Dear Sir last night that I think Pauly Shore is funny (remember him?) and he about had a cow. He said, "You know Rachel, there are two kinds of people in this world: people who think Seinfeld is funny and people who think Pauly Shore is funny." I don't usually think Seinfeld is too funny (at least not as funny as Dear Sir believes it to be) so he always has to separate me from the masses in this way, which is not fair. He also thinks that I lack wit---or else he constantly pulls my leg about it. He would say, "Rachel, you can't be perfect. You are just not funny. Face it." I think he is pulling my leg, but no one will get the truth out of him.

Badoozie said...

hmmmm. well i think you're funny. and i think there are two kinds of people in this world. those that get the humor of napoleon dynamite and those that don't. i get it. i had to watch it twice but i got it. as for seinfeld, well he's OK, dry humor is ok, i like it. i also remember pauly shore. he is pretty annoying, but FUNNY