So we started school on Labor Day. I am not a real holiday person. I pretty much labor no matter what day it is, so it is no big deal anyway. Which has me thinking about Halloween. Dear Sir and I are trying to figure out what we want to do this year about it. We have had "harvest" parties and "Reformation Day" parties; we have had a party to go to called "Neewollah" (which is Halloween backwards for those that need the help), and "All Saints Day" parties. I think the latter celebration is the most accurate to what we should be celebrating on October 31st, but no one does that except Elizabeth Hagan.

So, Trick or Treating was mentioned, but I really have problems with it. I don't have problems with it because it is a "pagan" type thing to do, I have problems with it because I don't like the idea of anyone coming to my door and demanding candy. I don't like the idea, especially, of my own children going to someone else's door and demanding candy. Yes, we can worry about poisonous candy (and my parents had a real worry where I lived in Southern California because there truly were people raping and killing and kidnapping on those nights) and stuff but the real issue is the ding dong demand or I will do something tricky to you if you don't.

Think of it like this: It is my birthday. I dress up and look pretty. I go to people's doors and demand presents because it is my birthday. In fact, if you don't give me presents for my birthday when I approach your doorstep, I can threaten you with trickery. I will TP your house. I will knock down your mailbox in the night with a baseball bat. I can say, "Gift or Gull!" and expect presents to drop into my huge burlap bag.

What do ya think of that?

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i'm tagging you for the 3x3 meme, come let me know when you get it posted so i can learn more about you!!!