The Stack

There is a "stack" of something next to the computer that Dear Sir has left and it has sat there for days. This "stack" makes me sick. It literally makes me ill to look at it and I will not touch it to remove it because it bugs me. It is one of my Room 101's. The first person to guess the answer to this horrid riddle will recieve a complimentary bar of soap (made by my own hand) in the mail. Hopefully (hint, hint) Dear Sir will read this and catch my drift. But the soap in the mail is a definite! This soap is required to purify me of the nastiness of this stack. It is only fitting.


Emily said...

I have absolutely no idea but I am waiting with baited breath to find out.

Badoozie said...


R said...

Nope. But I will give you a hint if you have the time to peek into the archives. Room 101.

Badoozie said...

ok, i found the room 101 thing. so i'm assuming he left a stack of coins there? or cheese?

R said...

Yep, you earned it. Email me your address and I will send you some soap, deary!

A rank, stack of coins and you know what? It is STILL sitting here! Gag!

I am going to have to ask him to remove it.

What scents do you like anyway? I have Autumn (a mix of orange, cloves and cinnamon), peppermint/vanilla, orange creme, and some patchouli stuff (hippie stink--as some people call it, but I love it).