The Eye Wreathed in Flame

I was just reading a science book to the kids. We were reading specifically about all the parts of the eyes and I was pointing to the diagram and my own eye as I was naming it's parts.

The boys were thoroughly interested and my daughter was interested too, but she started to get jumpy and weird. I had just finished explaining to my oldest how the pupil of the eye is actually a hole underneath the cornea.

"What is up with you?" I ask my squirming daughter.

"I just don't want to listen to this anymore! I want to go outside now!" She says this in a very fussy way. "It scares me, ok?"

"What?" I ask.

"It scares me!" She yelps.

"Why would it scare you? You can go outside." I laughed out.

"Ok," she said, "I just don't want to hear anything more about some 'hole,'" she murmurs as she walks toward the front door.

I tried to suppress a laugh but failed. Eraser Eater and the Oldest giggled.

"AN EYE! AN EYE! YOU SEE WITH IT AND IT IS SCAAAARRRRYYY!" sang my oldest, while wiggling his fingers toward my daughter as she shut the door in a huff.


Emily said...

Hey you read a book about eyes and I went to the eye doctor today... kinda weird, huh?

R said...

eerie. Did you happen to see a dodo bird or read about one today too? I had to convince my son that they are extinct because a neighbor boy told him that some still exist in Canada. We did the whole encyclopedia thing and sure enough, they were extinct long long ago.

They are kind of freaky looking.

Alisa said...

The eye in LOTR is kinda scary.


Badoozie said...

i think she was just bored, and threw that out there. you were boring the poor kid with all that eyeball talkin....try reading about aliens next time

Anne said...

I like what you had to say over at "abqchunk" - about homeschooling. I'm a fellow (fellowess) homeschooler.

R said...

I don't know why people have to say ignorant things like that (the retarded comment). That is just asking for a bunch of people to get angry. It is good to know there are some of us conservatives out there! :)

Susie---I think you are part right. I do think she was bored, but I DO understand the hole thing. It is a little scary if you think about it.

I actually had a convo with the boys about aliens one time and they were all over it.

But, I had to talk about eyeballs! It is part of the curriculum! :)

Alisa--Yeah, Sauron is a bit frightening. Good point.