Update on the Oldest

Stupidly, I forgot to mention lately that my oldest son has *almost* gotten over his dread of outside. It does not throw a huge wrench in our lives anymore. He actually goes outside and plays with friends down the street, rides his bike, and wears a watch so he won't be gone too long! God answers prayer! He is still afraid of the bugs a little, but he is amazingly calm when around them now. It is almost ridiculous how fast he has changed.

Yes, we still have little mishaps here and there, but believe me, I could not convince the boy to take one step outdoors without a fight before.

What can I say? God is good.


Badoozie said...

being new here and all, i didn't know about this, but that would be so hard to deal with. you must have handled it right, for him to be moving on like that!!

R said...

Oh goodness gracious, that is why I am thanking God. I handled it pretty well at first but then it took a huge toll on me later. I would go nuts and yell at him because he was so stinking out of control. I got out of control! But then I calmed down again and prayed a lot for him and others did as well and I think that did more than anything.

I have about two hairs on my head right now, but they are all growing back.

shealyisnottheantichrist said...

this is so awesome!!! I am happy for you. God is very, very good!