I am afraid to report that our new fish, Tolstoy, is dying. He came down with some weird fish disease/parasite thing called ICH. He has white spots all over his fish body and now he looks just dreadful. I got him medicine to treat it, but I am not sure if it will work or not. The kids "hug" the tank frequently. We are a sad little bunch over here since we can't have a normal pet.

I can't take all this fish drama. First it was Hemingway and Sushi, now it is just this little fish named Tolstoy who tries his best to be lively and nice, but because he is so sick he hangs around the bottom of the tank and rubs up against the filter to scratch. How miserable. Being the executioner that I am, I have been tempted to just end his life to put him out of his misery. Dear Sir seems to think that perhaps he will make it. That is what we thought Hemingway would do after Sushi ate half of him, so I am not so hopeful. His eyes are a sort of dull brown and his scales are all stringy and gross. He looks like he is literally a living rot. Living lutefisk.


Badoozie said...

i agree with dear sir. hang in there little tolstoy! you can do it!!!

Alisa said...

My mom's goldfish get ich all the time. She puts them through a salt water treatment, and they usually recover pretty quickly. Just google it.