Well, I am excited because once again my band, The Einsteins of Love, will perform again at Jammin' Java in Northern Virginia. So, we have another "gig" to benefit a pregnancy crisis center (I don't have all the official details yet, but when I do I will post them) in November. I love to sing live (I just love to sing) and especially I love to perform with all the band members. They are so much fun to be with. So, it is a bit fun for a frumpy little homeschool mom to cover U2 songs, bluegrass, blues and rock. It is also fun to raise money for someone who can use it.

I have added a few other blogs to the bottom of my blog roll (there is no reason you are on the bottom, new friends---I am just lazy and don't want to remember my alphabet). So if any of you like to read about more interesting and fantastic lives---drink your fill (no pun intended, Fueledbycoffee).

I am at the moment stinkin it up by cleaning my house and sweating a lot. I feel weary and frazzeled and my hair is a mess.

What are you guys doing today?


Joel said...


Emily said...

Do you have a date for your show?

Hey, Kate Campbell is playing at this place end of Sept. Go see her, she's awesome.

R said...

Actually, yes. Tuesday, November 7th, 7pm.

I will post it later when it is up on the site. Apparently right now they are working on the site blurb and whatnot.

I would love to go see her, but we always lack a sitter!