Parental Control

The boys have friends that they play with down the street. Tyler and Colin. They usually go down to their house to play Lord of the Rings, and they play with sticks and run around in the woods. I thought this was all harmless. Dear Sir has been a little leery since we do not know the parents and do not know as well if they are Christians or not. As some may think, we like to have our kids around Christian kids so they are not badly influenced. If anyone remembers being a Christian kid with a bunch on non-Christian kids, they should understand.

Today at school I gave each child a math sheet. The oldest got his and said, "Oh man, I don't know if today is going to be a good day!"

The youngest said, "Yipee!"

And Eraser Eater said, "What the hell?!"

I know, I almost fainted.

We never ever talk like that, even if badly injured. After talking to the oldest (Eraser Eater would not fess up) who tends to be more honest in dire situations, and asking if it was their friends, he said, "Uh, yeah. I mean...we saw it on a tv show on accident---I mean..."
Hmmm...I called Dear Sir at work. Dear Sir demanded to talk to the oldest. He eked it out of him alright. Tyler and Colin. They even say the "sh" word. Wonderful.

I don't mean to make a bunch of Christians mad at me that think that kids should go to public school to evangelize pagan children, but I believe that this situation proves my point. I think Matthew 18:6 applies in this situation:

"But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it is better for him that a heavy millstone be hung around his neck, and that he be drowned in the depth of the sea. "

What I am saying is that children are vulnerable. They can be influenced easily. It is my responsibility to take the bad influences away and fill them with good influences. That scripture says that children can be stumbled. Now I am not sure if Tyler and Colin are raised in a Christian home or not but Tyler and Colin are outta here.

I confess though that I am not all holy. The other day I slammed my pinky against a rod iron chair (probably as hard as humanly possible because I am clumsy) and whispered the "sh" word just like my Grandma used to (who was a very godly woman and very devout, but, literally raised on a farm). I was sweeping the patio when I hurt myself and so Dear Sir said that I could not be trusted with a broom.

My daughter was watching a show just now and I had to turn it because it said, "Kiss on the butt? Of course! I will gladly kiss both cheeks!" What a lovely cartoon!


Anne said...

I COMPLETELY AGREE about keeping bad company: "Do not be deceived: 'Evil company corrupts good habits.'" (1 Cor. 15:33)

We have the same issues at our house as well. We've been here for five years and my son just loves the boy next door - they are three months apart in age. Problem is, he's a worldly child. He is so bad (and gets worse) that I just want to move but we can't afford to so I guess there may be some reason we're here.

Also, I'm NOT one of those who believe my kids need to go to public school in order to evangelize. My kids aren't Christians yet - they are vulnerable creatures needing proper guidance in order to become faithful servants of the Lord.

I heard a great quote from someone one time and I wrote it down inside my bible: "Why would you want to offer up your kids on to the altar of the world." This individual wasn't talking about home schooling, but you can guarantee it stuck with me.

I'm with you, if you believe you need to cut out play time with these kids - more power to you. We have backed WAY down on play time with our neighbor. I don't bother telling his mom about his behavior - I just deal with it myself. Well, except the time we saw he and his brother dancing around out back with their pants down and their privates dangling about. AAhhhh!!

R said...


Good scripture too.

Yeah, I let the boys out for a bit just now and my husband was like, "why did you just let them out?" I told them though not to play with those particular boys, so I hope they take heed. I will go out in a bit to see if they obeyed! I know where they live!

I am so glad you understand! {Sigh}

EmmaSometimes said...

It's a difficult undertaking. You can throw caution to the wind and let them be indoctrinated by everything and all things around them, or you can put them in a Christian bubble for them to come to understanding their views at a late late age (that's experience talking there, me at age 17).

How do we balance that when our children are so entirely susceptible to things around them, like little sponges? I'm a simpleton: We do what God ask us to do for our family and He takes care of the rest. I can appreciate how you feel too. My neighbor boy has quite the mouth. (yikes!)

Great post..

PS. my house deal fell through so I'm officially fulltime bloggin again. :o)

Anne said...

FYI - Funky-Redhead said she was surprised that I didn't tell you to open all the windows in your house and unplug all things that make noise so you can eavesdrop on all that is being said outside by all the little hooligans. That is what I do. My kids aren't allowed to leave the yard too often so I listen to EVERYTHING that goes on outside.

Laura said...

Rachel - I got the low-down from Joel tonight (I called to ask you a soap question, don't worry, I think I'll be good) re: the bad word incident. I know it's all serious and worrisome and everything but I just can't help it Rachel you make me laugh so hard. So hard. I got to the bottom and thought I'd laughed enough and read "kiss on the butt? Of course! I will glady kiss both cheeks!" What a lovely cartoon!" and that was it, my goose was cooked and my stomach hurts.

shealyisnottheantichrist said...

Our pastor recently preached on this, kind of, for adults. He said that our very closest friends should be Christians who are serving the Lord. We shouldn't live like monks, but the people that we are trying to reach are closer to the periphery of our lives, rather than the center because of the amount of influence that our close friends have on us. I am having to reteach this to my adult daughter who lives at home. I had to finally ask her not to bring a particular friend to our home because of her influence on our other daughter. Stick to your guns. They will not appreciate your rightness. Be right anyway!

R said...

Anne---I totally feel as you do. I am major paranoid. I have weird thoughts, but don't want to express them here. Let's just say that I get paranoid at times. I don't allow my kids to leave the yard too much---especially the five year old. Only in the front and back yard, not in the street, etc. She is too cute anyway.

Laura---I KNEW this would make you laugh. I wanted to put it more in a humorous light when I posted it, but I am actually concerned about it so much that I felt that I would be misread if I got too humorous. Know what I mean? You know what I mean. That is why you were laughing so much! The thought of Eraser Eater saying "What the He--?" is ridiculously laughable. (but also sick at the same time). You can totally picture as well the way his voice sounded when he said it too. It was like that. Seriously. And the cartoon---what can I say about that? Crass? Funny? YES! But kids knowing that butts have cheeks and that people kiss them---no no. But funny. Did I ever tell you the Chuck E. Cheese incident with the oldest? I had to have. Man, it is like that. Serious, embarrassing, but hilariously funny. I made a draft of that story to post but have not done it to maintian Dear Sir's dignity at least a little.

Ms.Shealy (who I love)---I so appreciate what you wrote here. You are so so right. Good words, and exactly what Anne has been saying but in a different way. This gives me the strength to keep my kids corraled in, I guess.

Emma---I know what you are saying. You know what though? I think that if my kids can end up like you (you are a very competent, intelligent, creative and driven person) at least partially, I am doing good. I think it would be worth it---the way better alternative than a possible loss of faith or many many sins and mistakes along the way.

I am sorry about the house. Will pray for your situation. Glad you are blogging! :)

Funky-Redhead said...

Dadmanblogging and I are very careful with the example we set with our use of words. Not that we don't all stumble...but, what I am only recently figuring out, is that the fascination of kids saying these words and "trying" them out...is that they are words they don't hear in their homes. Because, I used to wonder why they would repeat an undesirable word if it wasn't something they ever heard, but I guess that is the point. So, we just tell our kids, that if you haven't heard us use the word, you probably shouldn't!

PS: I was wondering about the signifigance of your Blog Title?

R said...

Red Head---Good point on the words. I should tell the kids that if they hear any words that we don't say, not to repeat them. Good idea.

There is no real significance in the title of my blog. I love cathedrals (although I am not a cathedral freak or anything--I almost like the sound of the word to add to the attraction. I used to have a soap company called Cathedral Soap---and again, that name was chosen for the "catharsis" root---but it really had no significance either--I just like it) and I love the color green, so what would be better than a green cathedral? I don't know. Maybe a red one. I think it has a nice ring to it. It just popped in my head when Dear Sir said, "what do you want to name your blog?"

Anonymous said...

Great food for thought! Thank you! *Smile*