School At Home

School at home has been going very well. This morning my daughter had written numbers until she was blue in the face and almost at tears, so I told her to take a break outside in the yard. While the boys were busy working, I went outside to check on her. She was digging in the dirt with her orange shovel. She has a whole garden set.

"Don't dig," I told her. "I don't want you to get dirty."

She stands up, looks at me like I am crazy and says, "But I am in Kindergarten!"

I think she is confused as well because she knows that she is named after a famous garden (we actually chose the name because it is pretty) and so anything associated with gardening she can't get her mind off of. It does not help that "Kindergarten" has the word "garden" in it. Sort of.

Speaking of homeschooling, I went out to lunch last week with Dear Sir and the kids. We were up north taking a friend to the airport and so the kids and I met Dear Sir at a local burger joint (some hole in the wall place). The lady behind the counter was old and maybe she owned the place. There were some oldtimers there talking about how she hasn't "aged a bit" and stuff like that. Real hometown feel. Or maybe the lady had just worked there for years. She seemed nice enough. I ordered some burgers and drinks and she peered over at my children behind me who were finding a booth with Dear Sir.

She looks at me a little sharp with one eye: "Aren't your kids supposed to be in school?"

"No, I homeschool."

She looks at me skeptically and says, "Does that really work?"

It did not occur to me to say something smart or disrespectful (she was my elder, for crying out loud and she reminded me of my Grandma) but in a way I wish I would have thought of something. I could have if I were defensive but I did not give it one thought of defense so I said, "Yeah, I have been doing it now for going on six years."

"What?" she said, cupping her hand around her ear.

"I have been homeschooling for going on six years now, I said."

"Oh." She shrugs. "Here's your number. When I call it, come up here to get your food."

I was a little surprised when she asked me why they weren't in school because I had already gotten that question from someone else at Trader Joe's that day. Please get kids out of my sight, they are supposed to be in school. This is an adult world. Why is that? Makes me sort of sick.


Anne said...

"Does that really work?"

Don't you just love it? My son is finally at the age where it's obvious he is of shool age. I tell them (he and my daughter) to be at their best when we're out because everyone else thinks they need to be in the "big school".

Badoozie said...

does it really work....hm i don't know. since you obviously went to public school, and at your age, your shakin and bakin in a burger joint, lets see? it might work better than YOU. woops. got a little mean there, but hey. who knows. maybe she's a flippin suma cum laude

R said...

Anne---it does sort of make me sick. I do just love it. I used to think that parents that homeschooled were nuts when I was a kid---I knew some families that did it. But were the kids ever intelligent and you know what? Some of the most friendly kids I ever met were homeschooled. I had a good friend who lived down the street from me while I was in high school who was homeschooled. He was amazingly smart and motivated with sports and study. I would be happy if my boys could be like him. Of course I met some really unsocial, freakish sort of kids when I was a pre-homeschooler, and I thought bad of it as well then, but you know, I think it depends on the parents and how they teach their children and influence them, not the homeschooling itself. My kids are kind of nerdy and strange, but it is only because my oldest is nerdy and can't help it and Dear Sir and I are a little strange ourselves.

Susie---Good point. I never even thought of it that way. I REALLY hope that my kid is not flipping burgers at a joint some day like she is. I bet he will be one of the kids at a good university studying science or something. Kinda mean, but sort of true. Makes me think how we all need to be careful what we say to people---she really shouldn't talk.